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I have died and attending fashion shows every day. This must be the heaven, Mother Universe imagined and echoed back for me. My creative juices pumping words, imaginary even in sleep as I witness each designer so painstakingly create the universe they are meant to live with. Embroidery that requires the magic of elves translated into superior craftsmanship. Zardosi the dexterity of sight weaving each thread into fabric delicate as tissue. The flamboyance of gold, colours that mark births and deaths, legacy and heritage, some even heirlooms that pass down generations. Our work defines who we are. How we treat our work defines the person, where we come from and what we hold dear. As I write this late into the night, the only image that has consumed my brain is Roses: white, red, buxom, cherub, small and big, wholesome and flirty. Roses running all over the landscape of fabric as a motif that has perhaps stood strong this edition of the Amazon India Couture Week 2015. The singular most interpreted symbol of historical legacy — The Rose — has bound each designer on showcase at #AICW2015 in a unified language of design expression. Roses are IN, you bet your bottom dollar on it! Brides love them, little girls build their memories of undying love around them, men win their women with roses and no wedding or funeral is complete without its presence making an appearance. Would Gudda then be far from this truth? Did you hear the gasps in the audience when his models stepped out with handcrafted roses as couture neck warmers and head accessories? My blood stood still, for a moment. Rohit Bal has always drawn inspiration from the very soul of love. From the heart. Yes, his eccentricities stem from there too. But hey, who said geniuses were normal people? Always intrigued by his work, this was an opportunity to get to know more about this play-child the world calls Rohit Bal.


Excerpts from my interview with Rohit Bal @TheFDCI https://twitter.com/TheFDCI

Your brand evolution translates into international icon. Where truly lies your heart?

Only and India Only

Design is your Art. Paint a day in your life?

Walk through the saffron fields, go looking for the daffodils, swim in the lake, live my dream again and again. I would wake to the sound of a bulbul, I would walk through the vermillion trees, walking on the dried leaves of the Chinar.

You’ve seen Indian fashion bloom from the ground. What is your personal journey with this?

It's a journey that of a mother and son. A brother with a brother. In this journey at some point we became one...

Demystify couture for the new age young woman

Made just and just for you..

Your collection evokes a divine spiritual bonding in its presentation. Comment.

The word divine is far too precious to be used in this context. I feel that everything that I do has a blessing of God.


Presented through a garden theme of fire birds, love birds and cockatoos hand painted on milk white cloaks, capes, sherwanis and jackets for men, assorted in velvet and crepe, bridal couture like a French boudoir juxtaposed against an English tea party, past re-winded into the Raj, this was couture that was Europe-inspired as much as it belonged to India in another time and space. Conceptualised in solid colours of red, black, white and gold trousseau for the luxury couple, for the next week, pages will be devoted to Rohit Bal. Such is the charisma of the man.


Another occurrence that perhaps pleases the FDCI as well is the appearance of Bollywood celebrity as show-stompers #AICW2015. Luxury is uber chic guys so let’s change the old words too. Shilpa Shetty, Aditi Rao Hydari, Richa Chadda, Kalki, Chitrangda Singh and tomorrow Bollywood Empress Aishwarya Rai who will hot-step for the man who gave Bollywood a makeover, Manish Malhotra no less. There will be fire-crackers, literally. Pat on the back to the super collection of Reynu Tandon who evoked the Persian Princess with a nostalgic calling to reclaim the tradition of a bygone era. Her women were powerful and fierce, reflected no less in the ease of women who wear their heritage with élan. Debut designer Debarun rose to the occasion in a fun tightly knit drama of eras that made Indian cinema an iconic brand over time. Rimple and Harpreet, a clock rewound back to the British Raj and Maharaja courtyards. I’m loving this. There surely is a God who makes your dreams come true. All you have to do with your heart and soul, is BELIEVE. Cheerio darlings. 

Rohit Bal's iconic look
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