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Anupama Dayal  (click here to know more about this blogger)

Anupama Dayal speaks on her collaborative collection with Ekaya—a label rooted in Banaras' textile heritage.

The idea behind ‘Kama'.. I was thinking in terms of revitalising a beloved classic to make it more relevant for the modern times. This can only add value. The Banarasi sari is a body of work of breathtaking beauty. It is a jewel even among our superlative Indian textiles! However, young women hesitate to wear it and even older women tend to wear it for wedding and related events. Our goal is to take the Banarasi beyond weddings and attach it to the fabric of everyday living. So I tried to make the saris lighter to give them more movement and easier drapes. We also tried to keep decorative elements minimised or strategically placed so it lends itself to casual 'fitting in' that modern day living requires but every attempt was made to make it more vibrant and sexy! 'Kama' is inspired by Vatsayana's 'Kamasutra' — a guide on gracious living and celebrating life through the aesthetic and the erotic. This collection includes saris, long and square scarves, skirts and dupattas — crafted from silks , chiffons and georgettes — all boasting intense saturated brights or blushing pastels!

'Kama' takes the Banarasi beyond weddings
Anupama Dayal at the launch of 'Kama' in Ekaya
'Kama' scarves: fitting into modern day requirements
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