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When it comes to updating our jewellery collection we don't necessarily have to spend too much. A jewellery label that's in the news for its luxury statement pieces, fine quality and competitive pricing is Umesh Jivnani Luxury Jewels. The collections are inspired by his travels, with the idea being that each piece could be worn in vibrant New York or tranquil Maldives. All of this, without discounting the playfulness a piece of jewellery must convey. So it's no wonder that even in the economic downturn, he's doing steady business. In conversation with him.


''The Covid pandemic has affected all businesses across the globe, particularly luxury. I felt the pinch in March this year when the lockdown was announced and all exhibitions I was participating in got cancelled. It was peak season and suddenly it came to a halt. But since then, things have looked up a lot. Women have started buying again and online sales have gotten better. I would say we've done forty- fifty per cent of our regular business this year. Thankfully, my overhead expenses have been in control; I don't have a store yet so I'm able to sustain the label. Looking at the near future, I hope to get more aggressive online and also plan niche, intimate, private sales events in a safe, controlled environment. Luckily for me, weddings in this country continue unabated so I will always have a ready buyer since my jewellery is so affordable and of high quality,


That said, I'm sure this pandemic is a passing phase and life will return to normal in time. Currently the focus needs to be more on an online business structure. Most of our business has been conducted online this year. Many women don't want to come in person to buy jewellery due to the pandemic; they prefer to see it on a video call, in photographs or online. It's a new way of doing business but I've adapted to it. It's always useful to imbibe new technology to enhance business. With the focus now so much on online sales, any tool that would make things easier for the buyer would directly help in the growth of the fashion industry. It's a tough time but one has to be positive and hopeful that the tide will turn. I feel Indian designers have taken well to new technology to make their business module more progressive and advanced. In time, of course, both brick and mortar formats and online presence will be a necessity to make business a success.


I've observed a definite shift in buying patterns, though. People are not buying as much and purchases are more need- based. Earlier, my clients bought a piece because they loved it and would add it to their jewellery collection. But now, it's more selective and for a reason. Tough times have made buyers wiser and more careful with their money. So, I would advise women to buy pieces that they really need and love. Go for classic timeless styles that won't get outdated. Build a collection of jewellery based on your taste and invest in good quality, well crafted jewellery. It's better to spend a little more on quality because the piece will last longer. I have sony my research — luxury, post covid, will take on a new meaning. It's going to be all about products that are timeless, not seasonal. I see people buying fewer pieces… those that they will wear often. Personally, I lived in three sets of track pants through the pandemic and it made me realise that all the expensive designer labels in my closet are quite unnecessary. So, yes, I too will buy less and only what I see myself wearing often.


These days, I'm quite excited about my SS21 collection, inspired by the colors and shapes of nature. I've used bold gemstones and given unusual treatments to gold and silver. It's versatile, making it perfect for the red carpet or resort party. Shooting my campaign in Maldives was a relief since the island of Waldorf Astoria Resort was covid- free. It is a fabulous luxe destination that went well with my destination jewellery. Shooting there was an experience. There were sudden unexpected showers that disrupted the shoot several times and even though the turquoise sea looked calm, once model Elena went in wearing the jewellery, the freezing water was choppy and made it impossible for her to pose!''

Umesh Jivnani
Umesh Jivnani
Umesh Jivnani Luxury Jewels
Umesh Jivnani Luxury Jewels
Umesh Jivnani Luxury Jewels
Umesh Jivnani Luxury Jewels SS21
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