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While most of us are living our fitness goals, some of us have fallen off the wagon! But, don't worry, I have just what you need to get you back on top of your game. Team Rowan: the name is synonymous with personal or online body transformation through bespoke fitness and nutrition plans and round-the-clock support. In conversation with the man himself, Rowan Tissera.


''I was bullied a lot from a young age. I was skinny, weak and not very athletic; the kid who always finished second last at sports day. I started lifting weights at the age of fourteen to become stronger just to fight off the bullies. I borrowed my dad's dumbbells and started working out with a vengeance. I became stronger, fitter and more confident and soon started coming first at sports day… and the bullying stopped. Pretty soon I became a real fitness addict and ran in the UK 100-m nationals. However, I went back from fit to fat years later while working as a financial controller. I was working long hours, eating junk food and not training much. Mentally I wasn't in a good place and the weight piled on. I went from 75-kg to 100-kg with a waist size of 42-inch!! After a huge shift in mindset brought on by a relationship breakup, I completed my transformation and went from 100-kg to 78-kg with 30-inch waist in three months! The reason I left accounting to pursue a career in fitness and wellness is because I don't want anybody to ever feel the way I did when I was overweight — unhappy and depressed with a huge lack of self-belief and confidence. I have been in that place and know how miserable it can be. In this career, I spend my day making people happy and transforming their lives. I believe this is my calling and I had the courage to take a leap of faith.


I formed 'Team Rowan' because I wanted our clients to feel part of a family. I brought all our clients together through workshops, bootcamps and social events so they could support and motivate each other along the journey. To have somebody else understand and share a part of your journey increases the likelihood of your success. I run the training, co-founder Sharon runs the nutrition and we have a team of expert trainers with us who manage one-on-one and online training. What makes 'Team Rowan' different from the other body transformations out there? We really emphasis on diet as an integral part of the body transformation and provide constant support and mentorship to educate and motivate clients to make the right food choices. Sharon creates all our recipes whilst I provide the calorie and macro breakdowns. Combining this with our bespoke training systems we can reduce a client's body fat by up to 8 per cent within two weeks. Because we combine science with passion!!


You can visit out website or message us on instagram or facebook and we will start your fitness journey with a telephone consultation. When we get to know more about you, we get a feel of the level of support you need and the nutrition and training plan that works best for you. We don't believe in the one-shoe-fits-all theory. Our transformations work because we understand that everybody is different and have different needs and expectations. We then ask you to fill out a questionnaire so we can create a profile and then send you a training and nutrition plan. Lastly, we add you to a watsapp group chat where an assigned trainer will track and monitor your progress through the day. However, there are few things you should bear in mind when opting for online training. You have to be focused!! We achieve a success rate of 95 per cent with our transformations because we interview you during consultation. We are the only online transformation specialists that turn down clients if we believe they are not motivated enough. We don't want your money; we want your transformation! We set the price of online transformations at 10,000 INR which is more expensive than others because Sharon and I personally designs each client's nutrition and training plan according to their dietary and lifestyle requirements. Each client needs a plan that is unique to them and that is the only way we can achieve results. Generic cheaper plans don't work — it's like eating a cheap rotten apple!


Some nuggets of wisdom — they say weight loss is 80 per cent nutrition and 20 per cent training. I disagree!! It's 100 per cent mindset. If you don't have the right mindset you won't eat the right food or go to the gym. We work very hard with our clients' mindset through motivational videos, daily chats on the support group and phone calls when things get tough! The mind determines your success or failure and that's why we have daily contact with clients to keep you in the zone! I advocate helping others as much as you can. Life is hard and we all need support. Make sure there is a large group of people that love and care for you and will lend you a helping hand when you need it. That said, these are mistakes one should avoid —  training for too long; too much rest during workouts; too much cardio and not enough weights.  I can't stress enough about the importance of NEVER taking shortcuts!! Fad products is exploitation of good people who need help and it honestly makes me feel sick to even think of it. Steroids are so bad for your health and do irreversible damage. If somebody tries to sell you steroids they are trying to shorten your life. If somebody advices you to take steroids you need to hang out with better quality people! Learn to love and respect your body — you only have one!


That said, there are certain training principles I live by: I wake up at 5 a.m., write my journal and practice gratitude;  I try to do at least one good thing a day and write it down at the end of the day; I eat strictly Monday-Friday and enjoy food and wine on the weekend; I meditate; I train four times a week; I push myself mentally and physically in each aspect of my life!! Oh, did I say I drink wine over the weekend? Another thought that occurred to me — I have trained people in India and the UK and it's great to see Indians embrace fitness and wellbeing. The real difference between India and overseas is lack of knowledge. People don't have access to correct information and there are too many self-proclaimed experts giving out the wrong advice. What I love about India however is a real thirst for knowledge — people want to listen and learn and that is why I love this country and keep coming back. Where do I see myself in five years? Running a health and wellbeing centre in India! Helping Indians become a fitter, healthier, more confident version of themselves!


I'm now going to end this monologue with an anecdote — a lot of people ask me about celebrities I've trained!! Yes it's so amazing to see the impact they have on people but I view them as clients; when you're in the room with me, I run the show. You have to hold a higher level of respect than your client otherwise they will not listen to you or respect what you say. An anecdote? I once attended the premiere of a client's film. It was the first time I had been out in public with him. We got out of the car and started to walk towards the theatre when suddenly the ground began to tremble as hundreds of people ran towards us. Of course, twenty security people formed a protective train around him so he could plough through the fans but I ran off in the opposite direction!! Cheers!''

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