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— Jasmeen Dugal

A modern approach to Fashion retail that pushes the limits of the casual staple to somewhere chic. That is the first impression I had of e-commerce fashion portal Trend Arrest that prides itself on global fashion at affordable prices. In conversation with Founder and Chief Executive, Nitin Bhatia.


''I graduated in computer engineering but switched tracks to Fashion because I was largely influenced by my travels. Whenever I travelled overseas, I observed that people were dressed smartly. They were clued in to the latest trends. In India, trends arrive late, and even if it did reach timely, it would be expensive due to it being brought by International brands. There was a need gap for Indian brands to take the responsibility of helping the average Indian to dress smartly in sync with global trends. Once this idea took shape, except my wife, everyone expressed doubts. Quitting a handsome paying job and entering an unfamiliar territory with no background in fashion, appeared to be a doubtful decision. Not that I, personally, had any doubts about my own decision but it was met with scepticism!!


Though I had no formal education in Fashion, I quit my job before shifting base. That way, I didn't keep a door open so I could just go back to my old job and shut the door on Fashion if it didn't work. I decided that I just had to make it work — with that mindset and a bit of luck, I implemented the vision. I built and launched the website myself. Even though I had never made one before, it came easy to me. soon, the website was ready but it was stupid to assume that sales will happen right after we go live. It was difficult to drive traffic to the site!! Understanding and cracking the cost and pricing the products wasn't an easy process — it took us a long time to get there. See, it may look easy but it is difficult being an entrepreneur in Fashion and I still feel a job is much easier but I guess I enjoy what I do and to some extent it is driven by the fact that it has worked!! The first few months were the most difficult because I was new to this, funds were an issue, finding the right suppliers was another issue and sizing, fitting and quality were also tough to straighten. There were so many issues that kept me from saying 'it is working' — I think I was lucky to find a really good team that helped solve a lot of my priority issues!!


Today our vision is to make 'Trend Arrest' the most loved online fashion brand and I believe we are on the right path. We have a two-year agreement with Sunny Leone for endorsing Trend Arrest! I think she's got a great sense of style and I'm yet to meet a girl who doesn't like the way she styles herself. We might just do an extension with her and rope her in our expansion plans!! Do I feel Indians are receptive to buying pret online? Yes, of course. Look at us! I think we have done great business in past three years—through just e-commerce. It is only recently that we have started expanding our business with offline retail. E-commerce has a great future in India — people get the comfort of shopping on the move or from the comfort of their home or office, returns are easy, delivery is fast now and don't forget the discounts!! Discounts may not be this high in the years to come but the shopping experience will improve. We are not different. We are just doing things differently. We think about what the Indian women is interested in wearing or what is she looking for that she's not finding elsewhere — we try to gauge this through research and ensure our customers get what they wanted. Just browse our collection and I'm sure you'll be interested in a lot of styles at prices you appreciate!


In hindsight, Trend Arrest has had a encouraging journey so far and we are convinced that women who aren’t shopping online yet are missing out on our creations. So, we plan to take the brand available to those customers too. We plan to partner with retail chains—MBOs as well as launch our own stores within next three years. Right now we are looking at three stores before the end of this financial year.''

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