Those who've observed Ken Fern's ascent in Fashion would have perceived he designs for a select global consumer… the kind who prefer a playful, statement look. But few knew that post- graduation, he taught Fashion for ten years before he launched his resort-wear label and undertook costume designing for television shows Jhalak Dikh La Ja, Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye. It brings to mind a conversation with him, where he had told me, 'I can adapt and deliver to any design-based canvas be it costume, styling or uniforms! The only constant is creativity. I like to create, play and experiment; that's why I have diverse projects that bring out that sunshine in me. I don't like a dull day.' In conversation with him.


"To be honest, it's really heartbreaking to witnesses this untamed outbreak, resulting in so many deaths, besides the entire world coming to a standstill. It's sad how families are distraught as they can't even say a final goodbye to their loved ones. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones and are going through this anguish up close and personal. Right now I just feel blessed that I have oxygen in my lungs and food on my plate; I can't be more thankful.


The pandemic has led to economic downturn as the whole world is in lockdown. With no funds coming in and reserves dwindling, it's precarious. Every penny saved is penny earned and one definitely has to watch their expenses post- lockdown. I am going to avoid any frivolous expenses, like shopping and luxuries. This year is going to be tough; one has to deal with it and face the brutality. We cannot escape it and neither can we ignore it. One has to come to terms that this not going to be a good financial year, and it's absolutely fine if it's not; it's just a matter of a year and this too will pass. Having primarily associated with the entertainment industry, there is always hope of things bouncing back faster than usual. The need  for television content, web series, documentaries or short films are expected, and being a costume designer for the front as well, helps me get back to my desk. I have already started my usual research and banking my data on various categories of design, detail and inspiration.


The best quality of man, is being able to adapt… and why not? We are going to look at newer and safer ways to to live and to serve, especially with the ready to wear line. Made to measure will still have to be treated in its traditional methods, with a lesser foot fall and based on appointments only. My advice to consumers who want to build a ethical wardrobe — one is always going to wear clothes, but to what degree of fashion, is highly subjective. Every customer always has a need to shop and an occasion or reason to wear. However there are not going to be enough reasons to shop at the moment. Hence practical styles and easy clothes will see more reason to reach a consumers wardrobe. They need to understand that their routines are whereabouts of social appearances and shop accordingly; frivolous shopping will take a backseat for the timing as people won't care what's in or what's making it to the charts . It's the basics and the essentials that should be part of each wardrobe, although each to its own.


My personal strategy post- pandemic? I do not have a strategic plan, in such uncertain times… I am the kinds to think effectively on a given situation; the creative juices are always flowing and one just needs to empty them in a cup. There will be a new day, there will be that chance again and there will be inflow of funds and friends; we have to just be patient and thankful, for at least we have a chance to look forward to 2021."

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