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— Himanshu Khunteta

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown major challenges to jewellers and survival depends on their agility and scalability. In conversation with first generation jeweller Himanshu Khunteta, Founder, Tvisha Jewlz who is of the view that it is imperative to use this time to reinvent how one does business and bring consumers new alternatives, new value.


"The pandemic is a moment of truth for all of us. This time has been really tough for everyone, Since the last three months there has been no sales. On the top of that, marriages have been postponed or their requirements have reduced to a minimal i.e. it has come down to the basics. Hence all the designs that we planned six months in advance for this season have now been shelved till Diwali. Meantime, business will witness a lot of changes. Maintenance of expenses and making the business technology driven is the need of the hour. However, the most affected in our industry are the karigars and we are trying to help them however we can including financial aid and assistance with safety measures. It's important that karigars remain healthy and don't get infected with covid so we have also taken insurance for all of them otherwise this could damage them economically. As for us, it's true that social distancing will change a lot of things so we are building our presence in the digital space. One must have a strong online presence during this period. We have a presence on Instagram and Facebook which lets customers know we have options beyond in-store shopping and soon we will be launching a website. We are also taking steps like showing jewellery pieces on video calls and sending them to our customers' homes. People have begun using credit cards and digital payment, making the process contact-less and safe. So, wirtual and augmented reality can play an important role in the jewellery industry though it will take time for people to adjust..."


Himanshu Khunteta
Himanshu Khunteta, Founder, Tvisha Jewlz
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