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Credited for quality work and dedication since 22 years, Shakir Shaikh is a celebrated show director in Fashion with a voracious appetite for creativity that bagged him shows and campaigns with high-rollers. In conversation with the game-changer of Indian Fashion and Show Director of Intimasia.


"Intimasia is a great property that is doing tremendously well. I'm so glad to see it getting bigger and better with each season, in sync with global trends. I've been in this industry a long time and witnessed the growth of the intimate wear sector since late nineties. And, as show director, of Intimasia I'm proud to be associated with it since fourteen years. 


This season is going to stand out. My role and responsibilities include the execution of each showing with value adds — I'm overseeing the music, the backdrop, the sets and contributing ideas to make all shows creative so that each one stands out as unique and innovative. The set is going to be different; there are are traditional elements from Kerala, we've chosen the music carefully and have a stylist on board. There are new looks and the models are all confident; so, yes, the shows are going to be very interesting and on a high scale.


However, choreographing a lingerie show is very different from regular shows as there is a very, very thin line between classy and nudity. I have to be really careful that the look and feel is chic and not cheesy. Sometimes, brands come up with their own concept but I stick to my experience and gut instinct to present a sophistical, smooth flowing show! That said, Intimasia with 24 Indian models is a great move — the lingerie is meant for Indian people, for the Indian market. In the past, innerwear shows have used foreign models but now consumers like to see how the lingerie looks on Indian skin.


Moreover, Intimasia is stirring a revolution; it's a pure trade show where focus will be on business and driving growth of the innerwear industry, keeping in mind International standards. Yusuf has visited all major innerwear shows worldwide and he brings back with him a wealth of ideas. So, yes, it will be a great trade show injected with a fashionable element — all of which will come together to form a unique experience for guests. Moreover, Yusuf has great plans for the future which I'm sure he would unveil during this edition!! See you there!"


Shakir Shaikh
Intimasia Show Director Shakir Shaikh
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