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Celebrated for wowing the fashion fraternity with a mix of the precision-chic of Parisian couture and commercial potential, today Lecoanet Hemant is a fashion force to be reckoned with and stands out in just about every category—couture, pret, accessories and jewellery. In conversation with CEO and co-founder Hemant Sagar.


Hemant Sagar's friendly and unassuming demeanour is legendary; he is modest, thoughtful and impossibly gifted. When I ask how he feels the Indian fashion landscape has evolved from bridal-couture to 'Let It Pret' he responds thoughtfully. ''We feel tradition is still very much present and people are very much living in both the worlds. Even the bridal couture segment has seen a shift as brides these days are looking for functional outfits and are ready to experiment with their look. We too believe in making a collection which adds beauty and functionality to one’s wardrobe.''


Sensing a gap in the market, Lecoanet Hemant set out to create a segment for the well travelled individuals who love luxury Fashion but aren't trying to spend an insane amount of money on something. I ask him to share their philosophy. ''A brand has to start at the top and work its way down'' he muses. ''It is the only path that makes sense. Our 'tip of the iceberg' was the years spent in Paris as an Haute Couture House. Everything we do follows those lessons learnt and would be lost if not constantly acknowledged. 'Genes' is a lifestyle collection of garments and accessories for the young at heart and happy-to-be-International Indian. No other brand was catering to this segment when we were considering it so we thought of incorporating this segment into our brand portfolio.''


Is diversifying into pret a way of pushing the design envelope too, I wonder? ''The school we come from and the culture we founded had no boundaries when we established the company. We find that the industrialisation of the products we have gone through since we have been in India has enormously restricted the product. This fits us fine and is exactly why we came here; fashion per se is about a restricted choice, a small selection: 'our choice' for the season and not necessarily what the world wants or wears. Launching 'Genes' is a way of pushing the design boundaries and offering our collection to more people who can relate to it! In fact, our muse is well travelled, educated, fashion savvy individuals. People these days are so versatile in terms of living their lives and it is all about fitting into the lifestyle that we feel is typical of today and developing versatile affordable high-fashion for them. Genes SS18 is a crisp collection of street smart separates — an amalgamation of poetic romanticism translated through ancient calligraphy and murals, and combined with fresh, dynamic floral prints. The silhouettes are paired in such a way that the interchangeable language is seamless. Both women and men can confidently carry their own personal allure in these garments. Must-buys would be our macrame top and dresses; bud-print dress and crinkle cotton shirts!'' It makes sense. The collection is ineffably chic and cutting-edge, and has a huge commercial appeal.


As we wrap up the conversation, I ask him where Indian fashion is lacking behind other countries. ''I feel that for fashion to survive, more needs to be done in terms of industrial [Textile] R&D. We are lacking behind in technology and quality. I feel we are really lacking novelty and must bring into our industry, new developments, weaves, composition and colors. We need some food for the profession and an organised sector for the textile industry.'' Wisdom. After all, Lecoanet Hemant is a brand the industry watches to see where Fashion might go next, and there are very few of those.


Lecoanet Hemant Co-Founder CEO Hemant Sagar
Lecoanet Hemant Genes
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