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Abraham and Thakore — founded by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore — is acclaimed for the seamless combination of handcrafted textiles and astringent futurism that characterises their collections. With three weeks to go for their showcase at Rajasthan Heritage Week, I couldn't help reminiscing back to a conversation last season where they explained, "Indian designers have always worked very closely with the craft and textile industry​. This needs to be continued and all products made by the hand of a crafts person must be valued as "luxury"; the work of the human hand cannot be equated with a machine. Our responsibility is to keep traditional handmade goods desirable and sought after." Excited about their collection this season, which I have heard is spectacular, I had a quick tete a tete with David Abraham.


Rajasthan Heritage Week is a pioneering initiative where weavers showcase on par with top designers. What is your thought process about this concept?​

It is very exciting to be able to develop new concepts with new craftsmen and each interaction is a learning experience.​


Do you feel this event has potential to take the collections global after successfully initiating recognition of weavers- craftsmen who've upheld decades-old traditions in the first two seasons?

More than global, I believe that we need to first really develop our own domestic market which is one of the largest in the world. We need to find more customers​ here for craft and handmade goods.


What potential do you foresee? Will recognition of these rich textile crafts come under the brand umbrella of luxury and attract both national and International designers to use it in their collections?​

We believe that the real luxury will be in hand made goods as production processes all over the world are becoming increasingly industrialised​. india has the potential to be the world's finest resource for hand crafted production, if it isn't already!


I believe you have a real pioneering collection in the making with weaves and metallic. What is the thought process behind the genesis of this particular collection and what is it themed?

We would like to take a fresh look at khadi, and the traditional reverse appliqué techniques of Barmer where this fabric is being embroidered, and develop something cutting edge and contemporary.​ We are planning to create a modern collection in clean spare silhouettes suitable for sophisticated evening and occasion wear.


Lastly what are your expectations from RHW Season 3?​ ​

We look forward to an opportunity to engage with craftspeople, other designers and creators, and to see and to learn… and to get inspired!

Abraham And Thakore for Rajasthan Heritage Week
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