Charu Parashar has a strong presence in India, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York. The couturier's calling card is handwork and her recent collection inspired by her trip to Maldives was an exercise in transforming luxurious fabric into resort wear with a globally relevant, culturally eclectic vibe. In conversation with the designer. 


ME: Do you feel a choreographed slowdown continues to be the way out for designers, today? What do you advocate now that we are two years into a receding pandemic? 


CP: This downward economic trend which is fuelled by the insecurity and uncertainties of the future is all due to the pandemic, which is on its way out. Fast fashion is slowing down because of its impact on the environment. The carbon footprint is on the rise. And designers are making a conscious effort to create need -based clothing rather than art. Functionality and comfort has taken precedence over seasonal trends and is here to stay. Consumerism has to take a backseat — it not designer driven but correction by the consumers.  


ME: At the recently concluded Paris Fashion Week, a lot of designers used technology to appeal to a broader audience. For example, Balmain used a social media beauty filter that allowed us to experience the make-up look of the show. While NFTS, a form of blockchain, was used by most designers to authenticate the collection and prevent the sale of counterfeits. Is this something you would adopt or is too embryonic for the Indian fashion market? 


CP: There is no doubt that blockchain is the future. It is pro- designer and protects the creative trademarks and copyrights so counterfeit copycats can say goodbye and look for the ethical ways of doing business instead. It has been two years since we have been working on bringing it to the mainstream — with integration not just in the fashion industry; its adoption requires deep pockets and participation from all players. Rest ensured, we are all taking steps towards a better future. As far as social media  usage at Paris Fashion Week … well it is the new age communication and better late than ever!!

 ME: Do you feel a digital edition should replace catwalk shows long-term considering the costs, global reach and its potential to incorporate digital runways with e-commerce? 


CP: Catwalk and ramp shows have been the soul of fashion industry so I would rather see the digital editions co-existing with the catwalks and getting further empowered with extensive global reach. 

ME: Do tell us about your recent collection in terms of inspiration- anecdotes from the shoot - travel?  


CP: Charu Parashar Resort Edit 2021 titled Eldoris Of The Sea is inspired by the crystal clear coral reef waters and the Italian Pearl Baglioni Resorts splendid architecture. It is distinguished with handpicked colours like Pacific blue, tropical aqua, lagoon blue and coral reef red and green… making the ensembles truly magical. My signature prints embrace the different facets of the sea and the mesmerising architectural marvels of Baglioni resorts interiors. The free flowing silhouettes make the kaftans, capes and dresses a romantic honeymooners delight.  


ME: So, what do you have lined up?  


CP: Charu Parashar design philosophy always has been creating, preserving and reviving the age-old cultural and traditional crafts and techniques. Think Local and Act Global has been the mantra we believe in. We are taking technology very seriously in reaching out globally and this pandemic has given us enough time to rethink fashion and decide way forward. 


CHARU PARASHAR Charu Parashar Resort Edit 2022



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