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Alumnus of FIT New York, Ranna Gill launched her pret label two decades back with effortlessly elegant globally- relevant looks. Having worked with Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren and a founding member of FDCI, she now retails through her e-commerce store and seven stores nationwide. The designer herself projects an elegance and sureness of vision that make her, still, the best image with which to market her own brand. Over to her.


''Our design house is dusting off the storm; we are getting ourselves charged and heading back to business. I feel this will help us move forward in the right direction. We've almost missed one season, the holiday season and the hot summer sales that we were looking forward to. Our retail is closed as well! I personally feel there is no point sitting and harping about it. My team and I are absolutely ready and have resumed where we halted during the onset of the pandemic. Now we're getting all our stores sanitised and following all the guidelines sent to us. Our strategy is to move towards organic fabric; sustainable, recyclable. And, I would like to highlight, Made In India. Our USP is our strength which will help us fight this situation.


The way forward for Fashion is sustainability and recycling, sourcing and creating. I'm ticking the boxes and moving forward. Relentlessly incorporating sustainability practices into these changes will be the critical factor that separates winners from idlers. Post- pandemic, we will also face issues with manpower.; in fact we are currently battling with this situation. Smaller weddings functions and gathering prove to be the direction and people will become careful in spending; it'll be price point driven and value for money. On another level, rural weavers- hand-block printers and artisans are the most widely hit but the good news is that the world is coming back to hand embroidery, hand made and organic; it is now going back to 'special'. Handblock printing has always been relevant and it is not going anywhere. Handloom, hand woven and organic too have all been in the same direction and are quite relevant.


My advice to those who want to shop responsibly and build an ethical wardrobe would be to buy things that you will continue to use… that are easy to wear and on trend… that you see yourself re-using. Buy stuff that is value for money and easy on your pocket. Buy whatever makes you happy; getting stressed and investing in something expensive is not a good idea. That said, social distancing is going to be the new normal and it’s hard to know when consumers will feel safe to step out and shop. So, brick-and-mortar stores are not in our schedule. The focus is online. This, I feel, will help consumers to shop without facing any discomfort. We are also moving forward in terms of technology… towards the online market. Younger shoppers are quite online savvy and aware. It will totally work in India and we are a part of India.''

Ranna Gill
Ranna Gill
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