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I thought of blogging on eating healthy when I posted a photograph on Instagram and a friend commented 'give me some tips on weight loss!' I replied, 'Eat small every two hours, take a brisk walk and jog for an hour! That should help.' Her next comment, 'But what shall I eat'? Well I'm talking about something important here, about a notion people have in mind about healthy food, that it tastes bad and it's difficult to digest as taste buds would just shrivel and die! And another myth about thin people, that they workout crazy and eat tasteless diet food! Really?! I don’t believe in starving myself. I've never done it, and I never will.


People who workout can eat anything! Of course by anything I don't mean oily Indian food. Having homemade dalchawal isn't unhealthy or fattening; it's simple; eat organic food in the right amount. Roti and one sabzi made in less oil is fine, with dahi and dal! Anyways now let's talk about healthy food:

  • Egg white omelette made with spring onions, green chill, pepper and oats is yummy and healthy
  • Masala oats made with tomatoes, spring onions and green peas
  • Oats' soup in milk
  • Milk shakes of various fruits — without sugar of course!
  • Upma, wheat poha are all yummy and heathy 
  • Fruits bowl
  • Sautéed mushrooms, carrots, springonions, ball peppers, capsicums, olives, baby corn et al
  • Vegetable soups tastes yummy; try some with herb seasoning (I love the ones in Natures' Basket)
  • Corn Flakes' Bhel
  • Puffy Rice Bhel with onions, tomatoes and green chili
  • Green Tea — make it with ginger, mint leaves, lemon and a little honey to make it interesting 

There are many varieties of delicious health food and I can't write it all but these top my list! Beyond this, consult a dietician, Google, ask around! If you really wanna be fit and lose weight it's all about trying it once; you'll develop a taste for healthy food and it'll become a part of your lifestyle! Besides, I eat whatever I like once in a while i.e. burger, pizza, biryani, it doesn't matter. I don't deprive myself of anything; I eat everything, just not all the time. If you focus on filling your body with nutrients, you don't have to count calories, and you can have an indulgence now and then. Lastly, to curb hunger pangs at awkward hours, try peanuts, toast drizzled with honey, dry fruits, chana, a cup of warm milk or sugar-free dark chocolate! Hope these tips help you!! In the end, stay hydrated, eat light through the day and opt for sustainable caffeine options like green tea… and ensure you're getting proper sleep!

Model and Actor Divya Chouksey
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