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A tailor-made ensemble has almost become a badge of honour among bridegrooms and is without a doubt the most accomplished pieces a designer can make. True bespoke is making a pattern from scratch for the client. It's a real game-changer; once you do it; if you can afford it, it's hard to go back. Designer Amit Behki realised the need gap in the Indian market and in a few short years has developed a reputation as one of the finest gentlemen's clothiers. The core of his label is based around Indian culture and subculture, past and present, which makes it a premium service that has earned the attention of the nation's most debonair. Over to AMIT BEHKI.


"Despite being an engineer, I stepped into the world of fashion in 1999. I've always been fascinated with beautiful textiles and traditional tailoring so it wasn't a difficult transition. It was after a lot of hard work as a textile manufacturer and exporter that I launched ‘Creative Stop'. My first collection was formal menswear and then the focus gradually shifted to bespoke grooms wear. The idea of creating a garment from scratch, that is not available anywhere else and is custom to a specific personality, is the most inspiring thing to me as a designer.


My stylistic inspiration comes from Indian art and paintings and I combine it with cutting-edge contemporarily relevant design. I love to experiment with art on a personal level too! If you take a closer look at my store, you would notice that the interiors have beautiful mural paintings. That said, fashion to me is the art of dressing the human body in a way that appeals to the eye and the soul. When designing, I look at creating balance. Since I'm a grooms wear designer I can't design stuff that is blah and plain but that doesn't mean my garments are all-out bling. The look is balanced — neither too bling nor too bland. As I have experience in textile manufacture, I ensure the design complements the fabric and the fabric is of rich quality. My signature look is beautiful yet structured pieces — I do pieces where the silhouettes are strong and give shape to the body. The cuts and shoulder pads give structure to the shoulder and upper body but I balance the strong silhouettes with beautiful embroidery.


There's a process you go through in designing anything — my process is rigorous around the seams, fit and function. How it looks, how it works. For me, understanding the groom's perspective is important so I sit with him to understand his taste and give him an ensemble that complements his personality. I adapt my design to each individual, whether it is someone whose style is subtle or loud. I am up for it if the groom wishes to experiment with a sherwani in trending colours and cut. However, if a classic look is the requirement I would design an old world silhouette in maroon and ivory. When he wears it, it just feels very, very different than something that has been plucked off the peg and put on his back, because he imbues the suit with a certain amount of emotional energy while he is going through that process. My designs are inherently for gentlemen who appreciate craftsmanship… and don't settle for mediocrity. If you leave it to me, expect sherwanis embellished with zari, solid colour suits and draped pants — accessorised with an exquisitely detailed custom brooch. I create custom brooches, safa and juti’s — and specialise in pocket squares.


I’m now gong to pen off this blog by stating I'm very passionate about what I do! Where else would you find a late night wedding shopping option? I understand that today’s corporate groom is busy and doesn't have enough time to shop so to ease his problem I offer services from 9p.m.-4a.m. In fact, who else sends a personal stylist on your wedding day to dress you? I'm not just looking at creating beautiful designs but at providing a complete experience right up to your wedding day. As things take shape and momentum gathers, I'm looking to heighten brand awareness of Creative Stop as a one-stop solution for grooms. Right now I have a store in Harsh Vihar, Pitampura and another coming up in Gurgaon. I'm also planning to open more stores across Delhi and pan-India in a few years.

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