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Every afternoon Oprah gave us lessons on loving ourselves no matter what we think we look like. She made us smile while we sat on the couch and felt a connection with unknown 'real' people on the show miles away as she made them look fabulous with make overs. The most important thing I learned while watching Oprah was how the stylists always had a different scheme or set of rules for different body types, accentuating their best features and covering up on the not – so – pretty.

It's important to learn to dress according to your body type. There is a flattering silhouette out there for everyone. You just need to know what to look for. I learnt about the different body types and proportions that go with them when I read ‘What not to wear’ by Suzanna and Trinny [A must read for all women who want to dress well, the book is a fashion bible]

Know which body type you fall under, petite, hourglass, pear, tall, athletic, there are at least twelve categories and you will fit into one. In this post I'll cover petite, hourglass and tall. Petite girls who are on the thinner side can get away with almost everything. However when dressing up try to create an illusion of length. Dark skinny jeans or ones with a straight cut paired with a blouse that ends a few inches above your butt can work wonders, A nice pair of heels won’t hurt especially wedges which are super chic and comfy. Don’t be scared to wear short clothes because you can definitely carry it off with your petite frame. Dresses with too many ruffles or surface developments can be over whelming for your frame at times so be careful. When wearing prints go for smaller ones to avoid looking like the outfit is wearing you rather than you wearing the outfit. Most petite girls I know are bored with being tagged as ‘Cute’ and want to look ‘hot’ Go for it! With the right clothes you can look like one hot tamale!


Miss Petite: Eva Longoria

The hourglass figure is the sexiest but most women with a rounded frame shy away from it rather than embracing it .Don’t be apprehensive about wearing low-cut tops, with the right bra inside you can give everyone a run for their money. Flaunt what you got! Many of us don’t have it. *wink. Make sure your tops and blouses end an inch or so below your butt to elongate your torso and create balance. Steer away from anything with a high neckline instead go for a nice v or square neckline. My advice would be to stay away from jeans which are too low, go for an inch or two below the belly button but nothing lower. While wearing dresses or anything else for that matter, cinch in at the real waist rather than the empire waist. It will make your curves look hotter and show off your tiny waist line.

Christina Hendricks. Hot, hot!

Half the work is done for tall, athletic women because of their super sexy height. You look statuesque anyway so flaunt your long legs in shorts, skirts, dresses, anything and everything. Do experiment with flared and cowl pants, maxidresses and boho skirts because you can pull them off better than anyone else. When wearing one solid colour, be sure to cut the monotony of the garment somewhere with a belt, bolero or scarf to avoid looking like a block. Try to create an illusion of curves and do highlight your strong assets. Layering looks great on tall women. Experiment with all kinds of prints and fabrics because you can carry them off best.

Statesque Cameron Diaz

Love your body no matter which category it falls under. This was just a little bit on dressing according to your body in a nutshell. To know more, do read the book! Be true to your personality when you dress up. So go out there and rock that bod!



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20-APRIL-2011 anonymous
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19-MARCH-2011 Rhea Gupte
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18-MARCH-2011 Anandita Sen
How about telling us how to convert the fantasy collections we see and covet on the catwalk, into something wearable for clubbing or cocktails?
18-MARCH-2011 inrani
It's nice to se you blogging, Rhea. And it seems you really read a lot and are well informed to make an opinion and share with us. Do also tell us about your life and times as a model ... some moments
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