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Diamonds will always be my first love but I am a total shoe-junkie at heart. You know that sudden feeling of euphoria when you put on an amazing pair of heels? I thrive on that. While I do dream of having a closet that could give Carrie Bradshaw a competition, I strongly believe that a girl can survive in the city and still manage to live stylishly with only five basic pairs of shoes.  Here is my pick.

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15-JUNE-2011 Tara
You're so right, Linda. Zanotti shoes are the best shoes ever! Madhurima, yes, the Chopard diamond encrusted shoes are the world's most precious shoes! Sigh! If only I could own those...
15-JUNE-2011 Linda
Have you checked out the Giuseppe Zanotti Pre-Fall 2011 collection or Christian Louboutin’s collection embellished with fur, buckles, studs and suede? TO DIE FOR!!
15-JUNE-2011 Madhurima
Since diamonds is your passion, did you know the world's most precious shoes are Diamond-Encrusted beauties from Chopard? Whew!
15-JUNE-2011 Tara
Hi Jamini! If it's luxury bespoke shoes you're after, try Audelade in Worli. If you're looking for espadrilles or gladiators, try BASH http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106581372722401 You can also try Bootmaker in Bandra or Joy footwear in Colaba. Hope this helps. :-)
I'm from kOLKATA too and yes even I prefer the Chinese shoes; nice pumps at affordable rates. Perfect for office.
14-JUNE-2011 Jamini
Sorry for writing in again Tara but I really respect your opinion and am still wondering if you could hep me with any address for bespoke shoes? Looking forward to your answer!! [fingers crossed]
14-JUNE-2011 Tara
Wow! That sounds so interesting, Paromita. I must absolutely check it out if I'm ever there. Thanks for the tip! :-)
14-JUNE-2011 Indrani
Catwalk wins hands down for the pricing, quality and designs!!!
14-JUNE-2011 Paromita Banerjee
I hail from Kolkata and apart from a few basic good brands there really isn't anything for the style-conscious set. Having said that, the made-to-order Chinese shoes near New Market is FABULOUS!!!!!
There's magic in YSL and Versace
14-JUNE-2011 Tara
Nidhi, Puma has the coolest pop-art inspired sneakers ever! Check it out. * Radhika, that's true. Aldo does have the best shoes. * Lata, try Catwalk--I have featured them on my blog earlirer, check it out here http://chic-confessions.com/2011/04/summer-days/
13-JUNE-2011 Radhika Alva
Nothing to beat the shoes at Aldo!!
13-JUNE-2011 Nidhi Rai
Other than the fabulously expensive sneakers endorsed by Manish Arora and Bipasha Basu, could you recommend some good chic ones for the gym?
13-JUNE-2011 lata palia
I like the floral flats at Charles and Keith.. tres sexi!! Have you seen similiar ones with heels?
10-JUNE-2011 Tara
Latika, try Belly Shoes on Hill Road. They have the cutest wellies and jelly flats.
10-JUNE-2011 Jasmeen Dugal
My favorite is Catwalk in Mumbai for comfort and style and I love the Zara styles though I have not worn them yet!
10-JUNE-2011 latika nagpal
Give me my Bandra, Linking Road shoes any day - latest styles each month!!!
10-JUNE-2011 aradhna puri
Check out the Giuseppe Zanotti crystal-embellished bow sandals!! WOW!!!
10-JUNE-2011 Tara
Tania, so true! * Piyali, thank you so much!! xx * Rohan, ha ha. Will keep that in mind. Keep watching, might put up something relevant. :-)
09-JUNE-2011 piyali nath
09-JUNE-2011 Rohan Sopra
What about menswear? No recommendations for us? :P
09-JUNE-2011 Tania Vakil
You haven't worn luxury shoes until you've worn your first air of Choos... what say?
09-JUNE-2011 Tara
Jamini, try Candy Village if you're looking for flats--you're gonna love it. Check out my last blog post here for more details http://chic-confessions.com/2011/05/five-shopping-hotspots-in-mumbai-you-probably-dont-know-about/ * Harshita, very true. Also, let's not forget Tresmode. * Sharmila, Zara has amazing shoes!
09-JUNE-2011 jamini basu
Tell us about some factory outlets where we can buy it cheap... or someone who does bespoke shoes.
09-JUNE-2011 harshita
NOTHING beats Nine West... and Catwalk in Mumbai!
09-JUNE-2011 sharmila nath
I like the embellished flat shoes and studded stilettos at Zara
09-JUNE-2011 Tara
Payal, These are 5 shoes I either have in my closet (the tan Zara booties!) or are in the stores and on my wishlist (Vivienne Westwood Melissa!). * Anandita, OMG the Dior Extreme gladiator sandals! If only I could get those in my closet, I'd be the happiest girl on this planet! :-)
08-JUNE-2011 Payal Jaikishan
Are these five shoes in your closet or are they available at the stores right now?
08-JUNE-2011 Anandita Sen
I love Carrie Bradshaw's shoes especially the Dior Extreme gladiator sandals and the python heeled Proenza Schouler in SATC!!
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