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Five Nail Colours that are Hot Right Now

Monsoons have finally arrived which means that now is a good time as any to go as bright as you can and make up for the lack of sunshine. Bright pops of nail lacquer is all it takes to brighten up a gloomy day so I let myself indulge in manicures every now and then. Here are five colours that I’m crazy about at the moment.

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05-JULY-2011 Anjana
Totally second Tara. I personally love Maybelline's shades quite a lot. Express Finish is my thing .. Check the shades http://www.maybelline.co.in/nailcolor02.html
27-JUNE-2011 Tara
Hi Komal! Maybelline and Color Bar have the best nail colours and they are really affordable. *Manisha, you can buy stick-on crystals. *Ramona, that's actually a really good idea. I'll share my little black book with you guys very soon.
26-JUNE-2011 ramona
I would so love to read your finds in different cities as I am sure you travel to some extent. Like the best Chinese shoes in Kolkata; or the most beautifulled jewelled carpets in Agra that cost a bomb in tourist stores or hotels but are available for 80 per cent off if you find the factory outlets........
24-JUNE-2011 manisha sood
Des pasting crystals on wel nail paint and using a top coat really help?
24-JUNE-2011 jamini basu
just read your post, komal. Revlon Streetwear is the best for inexpensive stuff. branded and gives you a 'pop'. What's your take Tara?
24-JUNE-2011 komal Sarin
A piece of advice: do not try those very attractive nail shades in the marketplace ... with wierd names. It may be inexpensive and looks fabulous but leaves your nails breaking or dark..
23-JUNE-2011 Tara
Hi Tania! That is so sweet of you! Thanks! I'm so glad you like it. :) *Oona, I guess at the end of the day it boils down to which shade you like. But if you're really looking in to splurging on this, make sure you get the Dior Rock It top coat if nothing else. This sheer black top coat instantly revamps any nail colour. You'll love it!
22-JUNE-2011 Tania Vakil
Hey Tara, I really look forward to your blogs each week and refresh the blogs page several times for the post. Am I your fan? Yes!!
22-JUNE-2011 oona dayal
How does one differentiate between good brands as they all charge so much? I have just got my first pay cheque and want to splurge. But how is Dior nail paint better than OPI or MAC other than the branding?
22-JUNE-2011 Tara
*Namrata, that's true. Nothing beats OPI. *Harshita, try Le Bijou. :)
22-JUNE-2011 Harshita Narang
where can one get funky two-toned stripes and crystals we keep seeing in magazines? You would know, tara.
22-JUNE-2011 namrata
OPI has some of the most amazing 'pop' shades!!!!!
21-JUNE-2011 Tara
*Manisha, Maybelline has amazing colours. If purple is not your thing then go for either for Coral Chic which is a cute pinkish shade with a slight shimmer, or try Laranja Citrico--which is a bright tangerine hue. *Natasha, Yes the Ambika Pillai lipsticks are really good. *Jasmeen and Harshita, I love the collection! It's my latest make-up crush! :-)
21-JUNE-2011 harshita
I love MAC so will surely check this one out~~~
21-JUNE-2011 Jasmeen Dugal
MAC Wonder Woman is smokin' hot :)
21-JUNE-2011 Natasha Jain
Colorbar? Maybelline? Revlon? Ordinary. How about Ambika Pillai's new range of lipsticks with a light and a mirror! And its affordable too.
21-JUNE-2011 manisha sood
Tara, I appreciate your writing in to my comment, I really do. But what are the shades YOU would recommend? Just telling us to go to a Maybelline Counter and choose is something we could do on our own, without professional help. Please advise us as we really like your blogs.
21-JUNE-2011 Tara
*Tania, yes the Wonder Woman collection is out in the stores. *Manisha, try Maybelline or L'Oreal. They have a really good collection. Or go for Color Bar, you'll find the most amazing array of shades!
21-JUNE-2011 Tania Vakil
Is Wonder Woman on the shelves now? Seems like a hot ink shade.
21-JUNE-2011 manisha sood
Hey you've just posted the expensive brands like Dior and MAC. Can you advise us on something funky and less expensive? My friends and I are second year students.
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