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Eshaa Amiin has come a long way from export houses, styling campaigns and Bollywood luminaries to Fashion Director at Miss India Organisation and stylist of luxury magazine, Outlook Splurge. In 2014, she launched her fashion label and style consultancy. Today, she is channeling her creativity on the OTT platform with the blockbuster, AK vs. AK. Over to her.


''I love what I do and the fact that it allows me to interact with so many talented people from different cultures, the fields of media and art, craftsmen and successful entrepreneurs. I learn something new everyday and I'm so glad I chose this path back in 2010, styling shows and campaigns and evolving to celebrity styling and costume designing for films like 'Singh is Bling' and more recently, 'Dangerous'. Gradually, I launched my womenswear label 'Eshaa Amiin' which has been showcased at fashion weeks and spotted on celebrities. I have also launched 'The Style Elevator,' a consultancy for weddings and wardrobe management. And I'm truly grateful to all the people who gave me opportunities to work with them, learn and grow in life.


These days, I've been working closely with OTT, particularly ''AK vs. AK''. It all happened so suddenly and I was so excited to be a part of it! The producers had a specific cameo in mind — a young designer who plays herself  in the series and that''s how they thought of me! The scene involves Sonam Kapoor, the showstopper, who goes missing; her father walks into the show looking for her and then the designer makes an appearance. I loved the idea and showed them my sexy, grunge- chic collection which was in the design process — with edgy elements like leather, cutouts, lace-ups, shredded texture and beaded typography on feminine silhouettes, which I later styled with white sneakers and white glares!! It fit perfectly with what they had in mind and that's how I became a part of the project!! The reach was beyond anything I could have perceived; the scene was just a minute long, but I was overwhelmed with how many people wrote to me, including friends from the film fraternity; they said they had seen my cameo and loved it.


Reminiscing about the experience, people think of the film industry as laidback and casual but that is so wrong; there is a lot of discipline and hard work involved. Behind- the- scenes is not as glamorous as it seems; there are long work hours and tight deadlines…''

Eshaa Aamin
Snapshot of Eshaa Aamin's cameo on AK vs. AK
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