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When I heard from the Chanel team that they would provide Explosive Fashion with an EXCLUSIVE trend shoot [once again!] with Chanel's International Makeup Artist Dominique Papadopoulos recreating Fall Winter 2013-14 beauty trends on Indian models… I was thrilled beyond belief!! Reminiscing back to the shoot that took place on 31 October, Chanel commandeered the shoot in Intercontinental Marine Drive from morning till sundown where supermodel Anjhula Singh Bais and Nidhi Sunil posed for four sensual stunning looks shot by Shahid Datawala as they flipped their hair teased and curled by B:Blunt hairstylist Rohan (yup, the hairstylist responsible for styling Aamir Khan!). Here, I have the pleasure of presenting EXCLUSIVE images that depict the hottest International make-up trends which complement Indian skin tone — with a comprehensive beauty report to follow!!


Make-up: Dominique Papadopoulos, Chanel 

Hair: Rohan, B:blunt

Photographer: Shahid Datawala

Models: Nidhi Sunil and Anjhula Singh Bais, Inega Model Management

Location: Intercontinental Marine Drive

CHANEL A flawless, luminous dusky complexion with lightly enhanced eyebrows adding a regal character

CHANEL Dominique's handiwork is even more noteworthy than usual as he plays with colors!

CHANEL Statement lip and nails in classic red

CHANEL No matter how many times Chanel reimagines the metallic eyes and statement lip, it never fails to impress!



12 March 2015 Neha
Fantastic! Loved it!

4 December 2013 GB BAJAJ
dazzlingg and ravishinggg

11 November 2013 AKSHAYA CHAUHAN
Looks fab..awesome shoot!!

11 November 2013 Mehak Chowdhary
Brilliantly interesting! Way to go Jasmeen G Dugal!!

11 November 2013 Diamond Khan

11 November 2013 SUNEET VARMA
Very well done; subtle and chic! x

8 November 2013 viresh verma
This is simply superb Jasmeen !!!! loved all the images! Out of the world! Keep the good work going!

8 November 2013 ROCKY STAR
congrats!! looks fab!!!!proud of u!!!!

8 November 2013 PRADEEP HIRANI
Congrats Jas... Proud of u... Must congratulate Chanel team too - on their selection of Explosive Fashion, for an EXCLUSIVE Trend shoot.

7 November 2013 Vaishali Shadangule
Wow!! Nice

7 November 2013 Roopak Sharma
So proud of you. Well done. Best wishes always.

7 November 2013 FELIX BENDISH

7 November 2013 rahul singh

7 November 2013 GAUTAM GUPTA
This is awesomeeee keep rocking Jasmeen .....:))

7 November 2013 NIKHIL KUMAR
This is clearly one of the best beauty shoot ive seen. way to go Jas :) Super proud of you... a big thumbs up to you and your team :)

7 November 2013 VAIBHAV DHIR
Hey jasmeen......it's fabulous.★★

7 November 2013 SHRUTI SANCHETI
fabulously fabulous and so International..stunning..way to go ...

7 November 2013 RIDDHI MAPXENCAR
Jasmeen way to go !!!! The shoot looks way extraordinary and remarkable :) Keep up the good work. You are a great human being and that is shown in your work !

7 November 2013 SAHIIL SALATHIA
Congratulations, Jasmeen! This is simply SPECTACULAR!!!!

7 November 2013 SIDDHI MAPXENCAR
The looks are phenomenal my dear! Jasmeen we are heaps proud of you, A big congratulations to the entire team!!!

6 November 2013 RAMONA ARENA
Wow!! Lovely colors, beautiful shoot. Congratulations to you all! Shahid - I didn't know you shot pictures like this too!!! ;)

6 November 2013 JOY MITRA

6 November 2013 Sye Nihalani
Jassy... this is astounding... incredible

6 November 2013 NANDINI BHALLA
Love the second last pics with the pink lips...great lighting and the colour is divine!

6 November 2013 IMAM A SIDDIQUE
*Click* Click* Click* Click* FLASH!!! Chanel is a standard yet unparalleled. Proud to say that your work is EXEMPLARY! More power to you! Rabb Rakkhan. www.imamasiddique.com

6 November 2013 MEHER CASTELINO
I love all the looks since the colours by Chanel match the Indian skin tone very well. Please give us some more of these looks Jasmeen regularly with different brands. Also the colour codes are very helpful to acquire the looks. Very well done and glam.

6 November 2013 Scherezade Shroff
loveeeeeee it !

6 November 2013 SAMANT CHAUHAN

6 November 2013 bunny chawla
Jazzy you always throw a curve ball and do something FABULOUS. Way to go gal!!

6 November 2013 Reema Rasool
OMG!!! This is exquisite! Jasmeen, Chanel! Exclusive! Explosive Fashion! So So proud! Not to mention these models look stunning. Totally stealing some of these looks for holiday make-up inspiration!

6 November 2013 Nikhil Thampi
Ps. I love Nidhi Sunil she is breath taking.

6 November 2013 NIKHIL THAMPI
FABULOUS!! This is sheer brilliance and congratulations on the exclusive.

6 November 2013 RASHI BHIMANI
Jas, as always, expect you to come up with this stunner of a shoot!! well done. but then didn't expect anything less from you, girl!

6 November 2013 Hasleen
Whoa! That is seriously good!! You know I always had you pegged right ---- party party party but very focused at work!!

6 November 2013 piyush nagpal
I've seen you at several fashion weeks and the odd party but who'd guess the powerhouse of talent behind the quiet girl? Way to go!

6 November 2013 MANDIRA BEDI

6 November 2013 Sajeed Shaikh

6 November 2013 Kakoli Sen
I love those tangerine lips but I can never do it myself! Is there some secret?

6 November 2013 Pooja Chandokh
The first look is just so smouldering! Very INTERNATIONAL. Coco Chanel's legacy of course. It lives and breathes.

6 November 2013 Nayantara
Jasmeen!!! You have outdone yourself!!!! THIS IS AMAZING rockstar!

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