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Nida Mahmood has been making waves with her label which she simply defines as ART-MEETS FASHION. STYLE-MEETS-STREET. Over to the charming designer.

On the balance between refining the signature each season and doing something completely new

It can be a tricky job! While there is a constant endeavor to reinvent my style.. there is also a constant urge to create something new keeping the essence of the label intact. The balance lies in finding the core of an idea and branching it into various areas where the brand finds synergy. When one works on a concept looking at each aspect through the brand's point of view it can become an easy job.

On the role a fashion week still plays in delivering your message vs. solo shows

A fashion week is always a great platform to exhibit my works as there is a much larger audience in terms of serious buyers. I find myself with better reaching terms of both B2B and B2C platforms.

On developments in technology affecting design motifs like poster art

I feel there are pros and cons on either side. In the past.. film poster art was entirely a hand-oriented industry. Each piece was different from the other. There was a beautiful tactile quality in each poster and it was more art drenched than we understand it to be. While technology has made things a whole lot easier.. poster art may have lost some amount of the old world charm which we yearn for today (at least I do J ). Having said that.. technology has definitely made things very interesting. The various design softwares we use today can offer myriad options of capturing the essence of yesteryear poster art. There are so many combinations and permutations possible today and most of all the productivity has gone way up many fold owing to the amount of time one saves working on art graphically. I personally find the graphic art space extremely enchanting. There is an ocean of possibilities that surrounds us when working on any concept. It is exciting to be bale to make variations and comparisons for the best results!!

On balancing creativity and commercial success i.e. design has some sort of art in it but it's also a garment that you have to use..

Over time one understands how to find a balance. Being part of the industry and facing buyers and clients constantly.. one gets the hang of finding the balance between what the heart says and what the brain tells you. It is essentially about using a great concept into a very wearable space. As long as a garment has a twist of the unusual but is easy to wear and relate to.. the design works!!

On brand 'Nida Mahmood' in five years

Several big plans but we will cross that bridge when we come to it J

On new forms of expression i.e. social media affecting fashion

Social media.. it is a great way to spread the word and expose one's work. I have spent several years writing a lot about fashion and art for various Indian and International publications but lately it has been a bit too hectic for me to be able to spend time on writing. I intend to begin very soon!!

On feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the direction Indian fashion is heading in right now

I think India is in a very good space. We are the cynosure of attention at the moment in terms of world fashion. India is a huge inspiration not only in the world of fashion but in related industries as well. Be it art or film or lifestyle. With the amount of exposure India is getting.. trade will definitely have a positive boost in the coming seasons. 

Nida Mahmood
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