Eshaa Amiin has come a long way from export houses, styling campaigns and Bollywood luminaries to Fashion Director at Miss India Organisation and chief stylist of luxury magazine, Outlook Splurge. In 2014, she launched her own fashion label and is mentor to models at National Academy Of Modelling And Grooming. Today, she is channeling her creativity into showing us how to design DIY cloth masks so we can protect ourselves from the pandemic. Over to her.


''With the outbreak of global pandemic corona, we all know how essential it is to wear a mask when we step out these days. Well, what's unfortunate is that it has resulted in shortage of n45 and n95 masks for doctors and frontline emergency services who are now getting affected and few hospitals have already been sealed, because by reusing disposable surgical masks they would have been further spreading the virus. There is a way out — here s a simple fun way to make your own cloth masks and be safe. 1. Pull out your handkerchiefs, scarves or bandanas from the wardrobe and two rubber bands and we are good to go! Ensure it's made from summer fabrics like cotton or cotton blends [avoid silk and heavyweight fabrics]. 2. Fold the fabric, creating a rectangle 4' in height. Horizontally it can be as long as the  fabric. 3. Slide an elastic rubber band horizontally through the  end on both sides, dividing the cloth into three parts. 4. Fold the outer parts of the cloth inwards, creating a rectangle that is18cm X 10cm [7" x 4''], apt for covering our nose and mouth effectively. 5. Slide the rubber bands behind your ears and your DIY cloth mask is ready!


The advantages of cloth masks are their reusability, washability, breathability and yes, you can look fashionable too while preventing spread of the disease! This can be a stylish accessory in quirky, bold and fun prints! Take a minute to make a mask that compliments your outfit, in the same way you coordinate scarves with your outfit to amp your look! TIP: If your outfit is neutral solid you can wear most prints. If it's a solid, pick a print which has an accent of your outfit's color and vice-versa — if your outfit is printed, go for solid masks to complement your look! You can get even more creative by replacing regular rubber bands with colourful scrunchies or beaded elastic bracelets. Stay stylish and safe!''

ESHAA AAMIN Powerhouse stylist and designer Eshaa Aamin

ESHAA AAMIN DIY stylish cloth masks



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