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I started the day having breakfast with Marc Robinson. Ever evolving in the things he does in life, he regaled me with stories of his time in "Get me out of here, I'm a celebrity" the worldwide super hit reality show where celebrities are taken into a jungle in the middle of nowhere and made to compete in tasks. Having made it to the last week (no small feat to say the least) Marc had no contact with his wife Waluscha for 7 weeks. Marc said the best thing is his 3 kids getting a lot of respect for a dad who did things like eating maggots live to drinking fresh goat brain! Needless to say, that probably wasn't the most appropriate conversation over food. Marc is popular as a choreographer. He displays an innate ability to get the job done but by being kind and positive; everyone says the mood just changes when Marc walks into the room and I for one hope we see him around for a long time to come.

The first show was a triumvirate of Debarrun, Ranjat Tangri and Rimmi Nayak. Debarrun had beautiful simple Indian wear that would be perfect for a puja at home or going to the temple once a week. It felt really nice to wear traditional Indian clothes after all the hype around resort, holiday and club wear. His collection was a bit reminiscent of one I walked for a couple years back for Vijay and Shobhna Arora. My husband liked the motif and collection so much that he suggested that one piece at least become part of my trousseau. Each of these young designers had a showstopper in complete Bollywood Indian style; this time it was Ranbir Hooda and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

After the first show, models split up to do various things. Some went to eat lunch, others to get in turn for hair and make-up, and yet others like me who were busy on the phone arranging for flight tickets for the next destination. To keep the energy going, the models keep flocking to the yummy espresso bar opposite the backstage area. The favorite flavor currently is crème and if you see many a wide-eyed model walking around, that is why! I went into hair and make-up for what felt like the millionth time and all the spraying and poking with hair pins starts wearing down even the best and most patient of us. I found out that my hair was to have half a hair spray bottle worth of backcombing and to be crimped. I had two people working on my hair and my colleague Nicole captured a priceless disgruntled look of me. She gave me a kiss though and tried to make it better! I started to smile despite myself; when they took my hair down it looked like I had stuck my finger in a socket… that's how big the hair was. I really started to laugh when I noticed the T-shirt one of the make-up artists was wearing (photo attached). In the end it's what Deepak Chopra says "Seriousness is a mask for self-importance" so I hope I always have the ability to laugh at myself despite the odds.

The girls and I got ready in the gold, glam and gorgeous clothes of Sid Tytler. Sid and I go way back and it was especially gratifying to see my friend's debut in the Bombay market; the response it received (so many starlets, socialites attended) with the crowd truly cheering and the media size outside left me gob smacked. He had sexy trenches and perfect dresses to wear on a night out complemented with the best gold stilettos ever. Lakme Fashion Week was happily tweeting away about the clothes with live 10-second updates. All the models were in praise of the shoes given to us; their comfort and craftsmanship were better than any shoe thus far in fashion week and that's saying a lot when 6-inch heels are a breeze to walk in. Sid's show brought in former Miss India Neha Kapur as the showstopper; the first time walking for Lakme. she and I caught up backstage after a long while and talked about the benefits of calling two places home. In her case, L.A. and New Delhi and me New York and India.

After the show, a bunch of Delhi friends including me escorted Sid to the Kingfisher Lounge to celebrate his show. The next designer I was walking for was the closing show of Nikhil Shantanu. Nikhil is as cool as a designer comes when he runs into me in the lounge and says "I'm glad you're getting into the zone for my show!" Nikhil and Shantanu's show involved wild hair, bright orange eyeliner and polish. They were unveiling their new line targeted at divas and it was far removed from their usual indo-western wear. This new line was slick and sexy. It ranked as one of the most fun shows I have done in my career thus far, and I have burned many miles on the runway. The reason for this was the brief during rehearsals. It goes something like this: Marc Robinson, choreographer: "Girls, I want you to do your thing in the last day of the show, but remember it's about the clothes and .." Nikhil Mehra chimes in from behind: "No Marc, let me give the brief (Marc looks totally surprised), it's NOT about the clothes, it's about YOU. It's about the woman herself." "I don't want to recognize or know Anjhula when she walks the runway. I want her to be something else tonight. Anything you want, bring out the Sheela in you, the diva, the woman I dreamt about for the past two months as I created the collection" To this, the models cheered and clapped and the energy was palpable. Add to that Marc's wicked sense of music, and it was a thumping, heart stopping sexy collection because models were unleashing their individuality; with no fear of reprisal, they could just be themselves. Everyone on stage, off stage and backstage were rocking to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and J Lo. Vogue was tweeting like mad about every dress that went down the runway and rightfully so...

It was gratifying to see two old friends, Sid Tytler and Nikhil Mehra come so far from their early days, and being a big believer of cause and affect it is not surprising that two of the nicest designers from New Delhi who keep it real are doing so well in life. It's not always the case that the face a designer presents forward to the public is the same as private, especially the ones who design for Bollywood. In this case, what you see is what you get with Tytler and Mehra.

Post the last show, my colleague Diva and I made a bee line home, giving the models party a skip. Professionalism coming first we know we have the longest day yet to come with rehearsals for the Grand Finale the next day until midnight at least. Before getting into the car, I gave Gauri and Nanika's (the Grand Finale designers) parents a hug in the lobby. Having many fond memories hanging out at their home, it is a proud moment for the retired CBI director Vijay Karan to see his lovely daughters shine on the last day of Lakme.

Until tomorrow, 

Anjhula Mya Singh Bais

Wakeup java! Archana, Anjhula and Lekha between shows
Marc Robinson giving firm instructions to models before the Nikhil & Shantanu show
waiting time!
Loving the tie on the Grazia Editor!
Hair guru Kala and his punk rocker Anjhula Singh Bais
Nikhil Mehra and Anjhula prior to the show
Miss India Simran Mundi Kaur feels her inner diva
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