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Day 2 on the Job: scouting covetable buys!!

I love to keep fit! But it's got to do with my choice of workout specially with the rising mercury: cardio–shopping!!!  

Hopping, skipping and navigating from one store to another in the mall burns calories pretty good! My assgnment today was to spot fashionable must-buys in Select City Walk Mall. As I get dressed to brave the sun I know I can make do with a light breakfast of buttered toast as there is more to satiate my appetite through the day: clothes and accessories, fragrance and make-up!
As I reached the mall I was undecided about which store to hit first. The perfume counter beckons me! Attribute it to my lack of knowledge about fragrance or student pocket money from Daddy which never allows me to venture into the heady world of fragrances… I have maintained brand loyalty towards Davidoff Cool Water for Women. My only thought was to replenish the fresh, spring fragrance and stocking up my summer arsenal! 
I then browsed the first floor of the mall and there was Aldo Accessories calling out to me! On cue, I walked in and a quick look at earrings, sunglasses, bracelets and footwear held no appeal until my gaze locked onto what in retrospect was the best thing the store had to offer: chunky rings! I picked two rhodium electroplated rings: one in black and the other in tangerine. Modestly priced at Rs 500 and 700 they were a great buy!!
My next stop was MAC. Being a minimalist when it comes to make-up, their primers were on my lust list. 30 ml of the look-perfecting concoction was an investment at a whopping Rs 1,600. But I knew a pea-sized application would guarantee a flawless, airbrushed non-greasy look and SPF 50 obviously would 'up' my protection against the sun. So I picked this up without batting an eyelid.
Staying true to my favourite look (sporty-chic), a T-shirt from Playclan was next. Their playful T-shirts have always made me very happy. So I never think twice before paying that little extra for novelty and happiness! I look at their T-shirt as a canvas that speaks of my mood!
By now, I was a little low on energy but being one for grooming, I took the escalator to get my fill of "happy feet." Never having tried the treatment before... my spirit of adventure was a little low. So I decided to test the waters first. I dipped my feet into the glass vessel brimming with fish and experienced a funny electric tickling sensation I have never felt before! This Garra Rufa promises to nibble at your dead skin and leave your feet detoxed and glowing like never before. But I could not bring myself to go full throttle and undertake the entire treatment because it was way too ticklish!! May be next time! This time, I did well with a little dipping in and pushing back of my cuticles and application of clear nail polish. Their staff was extra sweet to let me try a little bit of this and that!
There could not have been a better, more novel way to close my shopping expedietion. Satisfied and brimming with the joy of holding my exploits of the day in pretty packages, I walked out of the mall with a smile on my face. Happiness, thy name is retail therapy!
Chunky rings at Aldo Accessories!!
My favorite Spring fragrance: Davidoff Cool Water for Women
Fish Pedicure
Fish Pedicure: that ticklish, electrifying feeling!!
MAC Primer
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