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4:15 P.M.  Fashion seems to be a woman's religion in Amritsar. Post lunch, we spotted fashionistas attempting to choose one of several delightful options, thrilled to see the hottest trends up for grabs!

Thrilled at bumping into Delhi-based Anirudh Birla who is part of the am: pm team as Head of Development, we headed into his stall to check out their autumn winter and festive collection… and of course we made him hold up his favorite look just for you—a red tunic with unusual white beading! "Is this garment to be worn with lowers or is it a shift," enquired a girl who had a tough time deciding which color would best suit her olive complexion. "Wear it as a tunic with straight pants or jeans," was his rejoinder. The rail of tunics shortly gave way to a heavily embellished festive line. "This is our debut at Design Weekend and we are really impressed with the chic well-informed clientele," he grinned before being besieged by a group of shoppers.
"How nice to see you here," welcomed a familiar voice and turning I saw the charming Rashmi Dogra whom I have always met at Rohit Bal's parties in Delhi. Her Mumbai-based accessories label Fluke Design Co. is sharing space with am: pm and the bags with bold handpainted rose motifs have us enthralled. Yes, I am going to purchase one of them later this evening and suggest you do too before they are sold out: mixing contemporary design with classic textures and silhouettes, these oversized bags and clutches are going to make a statement be it at a brunch or the red carpet. Yes, we have some photographs of the collection here for you and if you are not in Amritsar, pick up these coveted accessories at her flagship in Mumbai or Rohit Bal's store!

1:30 P.M.

Hello from Amritsar! Design Weekend has kicked off and I am loving every second… as are the fashion friendly folks here judging by the astonishing turnout! This weekend being Design Weekend is so exciting for everyone, with participants and management closely knitted, involved and maintaining the hype. After a very warm greeting by Vishal Chand Mehra who is spearheading Design Weekend, I unpacked quickly in a charming haveli-style luxury room in the North West wing of Ranjit's Swaasa, and stopped at Harangad Singh's stall to check out his cocktail and festive collection.

"I was pleased with the positive response to my collection last year and have taken note of what people are looking for. Each lady who walks in through the doors wants something that one would not find hanging in the stores… a look that is entirely hers," he revealed after introducing me to his mother who explained that the intricate detailing was handmade in-house. "Last year someone requested me for short jumpsuits and dhoti pants! The ladies here are experimental with their look and in sync with the hottest trends."
Well, from the pre-draped saris to the little black dress delicately twinkling with jet-black crystals to the cocktail dress with varying sleeve lengths to the heavily embellished Anarkali sample that is bound to reap myriad festive orders... there was eye candy on each hangar, which explained the stream of clients in his stall. Awed by the collections, we asked him to pose with three of his favorite looks! Check out the exclusive photographs below while I wrap up a delicious lunch of chicken and vegetable in Pesto sauce served with rice ☺
The entrance of Design Weekend
Harangad Singh and his mother fold the pre-pleated sari
Harangad Singh shows us one of his favourite looks
I'm officially in love with this sample [check out the peacocks]
A chic jacket that will keep you warm in style
Anirudh Birla of am:pm shows us his favorite look!
Some more delicious options from Fluke Design
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