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Come On Inner Peace: I Don't Have All Day


Though autobiographical in nature—the book by Sachin Garg starts out in an ashram in Rishikesh and follows three protagonists whose lives intertwine. Chemical Engineer Samar lost his peace of mind when his beloved died. Navya took drugs to forget that her love for Samar. during a trip to Goa, was not reciprocated. Vandana is diagnosed with terminal cancer but hides her pain behind a cheerful smile. Their attempt to find inner peace is the crux of "Come On Inner Peace: I Don't Have All Day".

The narrative shaped by a journey has dramatic tension when the three characters spend time in the same space; Samar and Vandana set out from Rishikesh to find Navya as Samar holds himself responsible for having driven her to this state. The author taps on a spiritual revolution where we are encouraged to embrace the truth instead of pushing it out of our mind. That sounds lofty but it's about getting us to talk about life's issues in order to deal with it. "Come On Inner Peace: I Don't Have All Day" illustrates how easily we can be seduced into pushing unsettling issues out of our mind and pretending it does not exist. "Everybody makes mistakes. That's what makes us human. It's important to forgive yourself for those mistakes and accept yourself for those mistakes instead of ruing yourself over it forever.. That is where your inner strength will play a role. Distract yourself to positivity and let life surprise you with its rewards" instructs Swamiji when Samar seeks help at his ashram.
For of all its spiritual guidance, the novel strikes a chord with its heart-on-sleeve sentiment. The manner in which he is counseled is worth a mention. "The world doesn't care about what you are running from. You need to stop doing that and embrace yourself with your shortcomings... Whenever negative thoughts cloud your mind I want you to start paying attention to every thought crossing your mind. Slowly and gradually—as you will get more and more conscious of what's going through your mind—you will start gaining control over your mind..." The second teaching is more significant. "Share your joys and work towards decreasing others sorrows." The high of helping people. This is what Swamiji was talking about. The plot becomes riveting as Samar and Vandana enter the club circuit in Delhi to wrench Navya out of the druggies gang. On a parallel note, the clock is ticking for Vandana and Samar helps her find inner peace by reuniting her with a long lost lover who helps her through her last days. 
My review doesn't touch upon one per cent of the emotions it evoked in me as I read it cover to cover. Somewhere down the line it hits a nerve in each reader. "Come On Inner Peace: I Don't Have All Day" urges readers to split the difference between reader-friendliness and a spiritual message—and to test our own inclinations. It's about using the brain to get to the heart. A must-read!
Come On Inner Peace: I Don't Have All Day
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