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I've met many chefs and Chef Massimiliano Sperli is one of the most approachable. He spent several minutes interacting with each guest during an intimate luncheon in Sorrento, Shangrila's Eros New Delhi and satiated our appetite for Italian cuisine and culture. I couldn't have been more impressed with this charismatic, engaging man. Here, an insightful fascinating interview with the culinary dynamo!


''I was fortunate to born in a family of chefs and continue the family legacy of cooking and serving people. I am the fourth generation carrying on this family lineage! Having worked in several countries, I've observed diners are always on a quest for a restaurant that reinvents the culinary experience. I tell them, 'come to my restaurant with an open mind and I will serve you real food of my origin'.


I always wanted to explore India due its cultural heritage and because I love Indian cuisine. The  people are always warm and friendly and this makes cooking fun in Indian restaurants. Well, fun and challenging!! Let me explain. Indians like to experiment with new cuisines and dishes but they love their spices and intense flavours. While I try to keep ingredients and flavours as close to traditional Italian cooking as possible. And therein lies the challenge!! That said, longevity means I have to evolve and accept new challenges since I love working in different countries! My key focus is seasonal produce; you will experience Massi's touch in all the dishes but I ensure that I keep ingredients and flavours authentic.


My core focus when I join a new property- in this case Sorrento- is that I want to make the dining experience even more magical by presenting an authentic Italian dining experience for guests, so they develop a deeper understanding and passion for Italian cuisine and culture. My passion for Italian cuisine reflects in my recipes of handmade pastas, aromatic sauces and delicate desserts, with my own touch. While my philosophy of cooking rests on the foundation of authentic classic recipes, I lend my personal touch to each dish. So, diners at Sorrento will get artisanal pastas, Neapolitan delicacies and slow-cooked family-style specialties made with seasonal, authentic regional ingredients... with Massi's touch!''




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