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Cannes They Do It?

Whether they’re sporting studded cuffs or diamond danglers – the red carpet was overflowing with style and substance this year at Cannes 2011. L'Oreal Spokeswomen  Aishwarya Rai showed a lot of promise while Sonam Kapoor kept it couture-ish and fun. While Gong Li went for a classic look, Ines de la Fressange stirred things up with immaculate French detailing. Click on this link to see what I loved at Cannes so far.

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23-MAY-2011 TARA
We would love to see Indian celebs wearing Indian designers too. But nevertheless, we are at par or even better with the gown choices our Indian celebs are making on the international arena. What say?!
23-MAY-2011 maya mehendiratta
Tara, I have read your blogs and I have read the comment thread and feel that perhaps our iconic INDIAN celebrities who are so eager to represent INDIA at Cannes should also pay homage to Indian designs? Roberto Cavalli... Armani Prive... couldn't they have worn a contemporary Indian design by Sabyasachi/ Tarun tahiliani/ Manish Arora whom the world applauds? Or statement jewellery in a contemporary design using Indian gem stones? Now that is called a trend setter, in my opinion.
23-MAY-2011 Tara
But don't you think that minimalist jewellery is the easiest trend to adopt? Sure it's a little on the safe side but teaming drop earrings or studs with elaborate outfits (like Sonam did) pulls the entire look together. Also, let's not miss the gigantic ring on Aishwarya. That's a real show-stopper, don't you think?
22-MAY-2011 Roma Sen
Why is it that Indians try so hard to be "chic" overseas? Do you really feel the former Miss World is setting a trend? Really??? Will we adopt the blink-and-you-miss stud earring as a key trend?
22-MAY-2011 Nidhi Raisinghania
Sonam looks hot!!
18-MAY-2011 Lalita Tejpal
Studded cuffs, stacked bangles, rockstar rings... where are al of this on the red carpet? Instead, we have DAINTY studs and droplets!! Are our Indian icons trying too hard to IMPRESS?
18-MAY-2011 ronnie
Studded cuffs are very chic and and give off a rockstar vibe!! I'm all for it!
17-MAY-2011 TARA
Komal, I see what you mean but Aishwarya ceratinly favours stud earrings a lot. It's a classic piece of jewellrey irrespective of geography, don't you think? Although it would be interesting to see Sonam team up jadau jewellery with couture again. Let's wait and watch.
17-MAY-2011 Komal Sarin
Correct me if I'm wrong but the European trends favor studs as you have rightfully pointed out but when these actors come home to India they favor bling...? Does India follow a regional trend?
17-MAY-2011 TARA
Piyali, diamond stud earrings are huge along with tear-drop earrings. Aishwarya sported both of these on days 1 and 2 while Sonam was spotted wearing dainty studs and Penelope Cruz wore tear-drop earrings. Also, studded cuffs (I love the one Ines is wearing!) and chunky rings.
17-MAY-2011 piyali nath
So, in a nutshell what celebrity jewellery trends have emerged from Cannes, Tara?
17-MAY-2011 lara
Love Sonam's carefree attitude and polite demeanor
17-MAY-2011 paromita chowdhury
Bet that diamond ring cost Ash a whopper... or did she. like other actors we have heard of, loan it for Cannes? What's the buzz?
17-MAY-2011 dion
Sonam has always dressed young and experimental, and it looks good on her!!!
17-MAY-2011 Tara
Maya, I think Aishwarya tries to play it a little too safe. But kudos to Sonam Kapoor for breaking the rules. That Jean Paul Gaultier dress is a show-stopper, isn't it?
17-MAY-2011 amanpreet
I see the Hollywood actors are more experimental in their red carpet jewels than the delicate earrings sported by Sonam and Ash.
17-MAY-2011 maya nath
Ash is looking gorgeous and bang on trend but I sometimes feel she is trying too hard to be too chic! What do you feel?
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