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It had been a while since my best friend and I went out for a nice brunch together. I love long lunches, and this was a great opportunity to catch up on life, love and everything in between. So we head to The Tasting Room... 

Click here for our verdict of the brunch at The Tasting Room in Lower Parel!

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12-APRIL-2012 Tara
For me, Indigo Delicatessen tops the list of my favorite brunch places. I also love the fare at Grillopolis & Vie Deck and lounge. Olive has been one of my favorite haunts in Bandra and whenever i feel like music and fun, i'm off to Blue Frog with my gang!
12-APRIL-2012 Tara
Hey there! Glad to see that so many of you have experienced 'The Tasting Room'. Personally, the place has always been a good experience for me and I love their cuisine. About dress codes, that depends on the kind of brunch you attend; if it's a formal brunch by invitation or as a post-lunch party to a formal event then an elegant formal dress would do otherwise brunches are mostly casual and you may wear anything that suits you!
12-APRIL-2012 niketan
Yes even I am a little confused on brunch ettiquette. Is it the same as lunch or dinner if it's in an upmarket place or...? We are from Bangalore. I often wear jeans and a tee but my gal keeps wondering.
12-APRIL-2012 Nandini Guha
What's your take on the five best brunches in the city, Tara?
12-APRIL-2012 Lokendra Singh
The Japanese brunch with sushi and the works was amazing at Ai. Sad the place shut doors. I like the brunch at TK's in Hyatt Regency, Delhi too.
12-APRIL-2012 Shraddha
I've alwys wondered if there is a dress code for brunch? Is shorts and a good shirt acceptable in summers?
11-APRIL-2012 Lopa Rai
Try Mushroom Cappuccino. Amazing is an understatement! I would go there for the soup and some bread any day!!
11-APRIL-2012 Shonali Kapur
I went there with some colleagues and ordered the paprika-dusted grilled chicken. I remember it was creamy with garlic seasoning. Not bad at all!
11-APRIL-2012 Harshita Soni
I agree with Megha. These are PR photographs or at least seem impersonal.
11-APRIL-2012 Prerna Nath
Bunty, I agree with you about Olive. It's great if you sit in the courtyard and just laze all day sipping beer or wine and nibling on the brunch through the day. fond memories. Since I had a baby, haven't been there.
11-APRIL-2012 Bunty
I'm from Delhi and I love the brunch in Olive by the Qutub! They serve the goodies in a picnic basket and it's super cool in winters.
11-APRIL-2012 Aditi Takiar
Mushroom Risotto looks good! I'll be sure to head there next fortnight perhaps. Is it a new place?
11-APRIL-2012 Megha Arora
I wish there were pictures of you and your friends brunching here. That would be really cool. This looks like a PR plug. I'm sorry I feel this way as I'm a journalist and this is how I would do a food reveiew for my newspaper.
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