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Bridal lines will strike a balance between tradition and modernity. For a look at what you'll be wearing in season, we spoke to Tarun Tahiliani who is gearing up for his bridal exposition "Apsara".

''An exposition is always about new direction in bridal and traditional wear. It is a formal launch in a stylized manner. Primarily, Indian couture is about detailing and hence when we display these on mannequins so people can see and appreciate the artisanal details, which does not happen when models walk by in a flash and you only get to see the color and silhouettes. This way, you also see the texture and great artisanal workmanship,'' explains Tahiliani who is gearing up for the third season of his bridal exposition.

''This year we are travelling to four cities and will have our design team on hand so that people can select what they want and we can construct and custom fit them on-site. Couture is always custom-made, one of its kind and in general to enhance one's presence. That said, the bridal market seems to be getting bigger and bigger. It is becoming a black-tie event, museum opening and youngsters' party all rolled into one. Customs from North India seems to have cross-pollinated to every part of India making the simple ritual a grand affair. From fantastic clothes, to beautiful jewellery, to opulent decor, serious entertainment, exotic location and cuisine, all form part of the bridal market now.''

Tarun Tahiliani's Apsara
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07-JULY-2011 nainika
Is it tomorrow?
07-JULY-2011 Konia
Wish you all the best from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
07-JULY-2011 Sonal
Hey Tarun! where is the exposition in delhi?
21-JUNE-2011 manisha sood
I think it fantastic that you will have your design team on hand so people can select what they want and your team can custom fit them on-site!! It's a new revolution in marketing.
15-JUNE-2011 Lovely Zogta for Tarun Tahiliani
@Mahek:- the dates have been changed to 9th to 13th July, 2011 @Payal:- the cities we are covering this year are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.
15-JUNE-2011 payal kohli, NIFT
Which are the cities your bridal exposition is traveling to? Would love to come! It is a fantastic marketing tool to have your team right there to custom-fit for the clients!!!
15-JUNE-2011 mahek
When is it in Delhi, Tarun?
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