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''My design aesthetic is both classic and experimental and I aspire to bring diversity in men's fashion'' Bengaluru—based sportsman, model and designer Kovid Mittal had told me. Months later, he got in touch with me about his newest collection 'Borderline' — steeped in inspiration from the robes monks wear. Over to him!


''Mt Everest intrigued me since childhood. I've done a basic mountaineering course back in college but since a year I've been training on weekends, under a professional team, keeping in mind my aspiration of scaling this peak in May 2018. During a vacation to Nepal and Tibet last summer, I got the basic kit, license and learnt the basic ground work. I was also struck by the border of barbed wire that separates India and and this region… but what a drastic change in culture food lifestyle! It's cold throughout and monks there are draped in red and maroon 'kasaya' or robes throughout the year. Lamas are spiritual guides and who pass on complex rituals and meditation techniques to disciples. They are regarded as "living gods". Lamas are believed to possess supernatural powers that can slay demons, bring good fortune and health.


Intrigued, I thought it would be magic to fuse urban design aesthetic with their culture… and it resulted in a new collection where men's jackets, blazers and coats have silk and satin drapes!! It was first hand experience and learning and then I came home and did research on their historic culture so to know their past; hence all the embroideries that you would see on my garments is authentic, depicting the temples in Nepal and tibetan shrines. Buttons used are made of volcanic stone common in Nepal — there is one shop that has ruins from volcanic eruption and I got these stones from there, came back to my workshop and got them custom made here!! I am even showcasing handmade shoes with satin laces and detailed work!! You know, when I return to the region in May, I want to give few of my garments to a local shop so people can see how they can wear their tradition attire, in an urban context.''

Kovid Mittal
Borderline By Kovid Mittal
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