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Supermodel Sapna Kumar stood at the pinnacle of Fashion when she walked beyond the traditional runway and opened a restaurant. Today, she is designing fine contemporary jewellery, crafted with artisanal techniques. Think slim chokers, stackable bracelets and cascade earrings… In conversation with her.


''I have been modelling for a number of years and I still continue to do so, from time to time. But I had begun to feel that it was time to do something different. Modelling, like sports, is a relatively short-lived career. So, yes, anyone joining this profession should have a back-up plan and must begin thinking about which direction they would want to go next. That is very important! Like any other profession, modelling demands hard work, discipline and determination, and these qualities can help you in whatever you choose to do next!


What lured her to diversify in to jewellery design, I ask? ''Jewellery has been in my family, in a small way, which led to me designing and crafting jewellery for myself. In 2016 the idea crystallised into professional jewellery design. I want to make simple beautiful pieces of jewellery that will stand the test of time… jewellery that appeals to me and that I would like to wear myself. Hopefully, it will appeal to others too! Because of this, there is a balance between the design and the commercial aspect.'' Sapna describes her aesthetic as a cross-pollination of her love for gemstones and a passion for art. ''I start with gemstones and source each one myself. And then design around it. Art has been a hobby since a real young age so I feel that has helped me with colours and balance…  After sourcing gemstones, I make a rough colour sketch. From there, it goes to one or more artisans for stone cutting, filigree, enamel, finishing, polishing etc. I'm still learning on the job though and have a long way to go.''


''Of course, I wish great things for my brand! It's a start-up right now and with time I hope it'll become a success. Currently it's available in select stores in Europe. In India, it can be purchased from me via email and Instagram though I'm working on an online store!! My client is anyone with an eye for design and quality. Age doesn't matter. Neither does nationality or cultural background. I call it contemporary Indian jewellery. My pieces can be worn by itself or layered with other pieces of jewellery — it has a universal appeal. My personal style is diverse, though. Particularly when it comes to jewellery. Some days I wear none at all and on other days I like to wear lots of it, together! I love chokers and dainty chains, layered together. I love pearls. I love statement rings in beautiful colours and bracelets stacked together!!''

Supermodel- restaurateur- jewellery designer Sapna Kumar and her creations!
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