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Have you ever been inspired? I am. Truly. Swapan Seth's book 'This Is All I Have To Say' brought a cornucopia of emotions as I read it cover to cover in an hour. 

I think it is safe to say that I will grasp anything within my reach and read. I read cereal box labels, hundreds of pages of doctoral research each week, Buddhism, classics both in hard cover and kindle and magazines like Vanity Fair and the Economist. Its fair game therefore to say that I am fairly versed in the written word and Seth's book made me smile, tear up and giddy with joy that so many of the things I believe in are reinforced in the book.
Seth's gift size book is a modern take on Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet'. Seth writes on love, failure, friends, money, marriage and more… all with a humility and candor that renders or should render him holding his head even more high.  In psychology it is taught that in many Eastern cultures, it is less what is being written about, sold or spoken but more about the person writing, selling or speaking. It is the person—the respect that he commands that convinces people—not the product! If anything, Seth is an embodiment of his work in 'This Is All I Have To Say' because as an individual he benchmarks most everything he has written about.
Knowing someone personally renders me even a tougher critic as to compensate on any potential biases. In the end, I feel like I had come of age counting someone like Swapan amongst friends.
He writes:
On Parenting: It is all about when and how you pass the baton. This is nothing but the passing of the batons.
On Love: And love unconditionally. Love is not a contract. It is merely an obligation to being alive. Never expect love to come back in the volumes in which you give it to others.  There is always a little that spills as it journeys back to you.
On Failure: There is always a lesson to be learnt from failure. Look for that lesson. And learn it. Suddenly, you will find success sitting besides you. Winking at you.
On Friends: Pick people who can make you feel small. There is a certain kind of rush you feel when you get dwarfed by a friend. I find the intellect of my friends inspiring.
On Success: It takes hard work to become successful. Not hard cash. I see so many failed fables masquerading as success stories. Remember, there is only one-way to find out whether you are successful or not. Go to a mirror.
On Marriage: Have a rough marriage; it is like a symphony. Take it to a crescendo and then bring it to a staccato.
On Brotherhood: Be a brother to your brother. But be your own man to the world.
The book goes on to encompass trust, grace, passion, helping, responsibility, god and peace amongst other subjects, sprinkled liberally with personal vignettes. Seth's book rings true with an intuitive universal ethic. It is an ideal gift, to present as a ''just because'' or to curl up with while sipping tea. In my case during New York Fashion Week recently, when I needed perspective, I took a break and re-read the book and I instantly felt a surge of life force.
A book that sold out four times pre-launch and something that Sir Martin Sorrel describes as ''An extravagant wealth of profound reflections sparingly expressed'', I have placed this signed book on the shelf knowing that Kindle will do no justice to a book one wants to physically hold as they read. ''This Is All I Have To Say'' is available on Amazon and Flipcart at Rs 195.
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Anjhula Mya Singh Bais engrossed in the book
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06-OCTOBER-2011 manish sood
His observation of remaining in touch with friends every day is very good
05-OCTOBER-2011 narindar soni
Indeed, a beautiful read.
30-SEPTEMBER-2011 Paromita Banerjee
lovely words of daily wisdom and relationships
25-SEPTEMBER-2011 Harshita Narang
It's anice book and very easy reading.. with things u can identify with.
25-SEPTEMBER-2011 Demba Ba
What a wonderful book. I live in Nigeria and after I read your review, I bought it on a business trip to Delhi. Thank you, Anjhula, for giving me something to enrich my life. God Bless.
24-SEPTEMBER-2011 mahesh singhasan
Anjhula you have lived such a rich life... you must share your experiences with us. I love your blog posts!!!
24-SEPTEMBER-2011 Kapil Mathur
I like the sound of the book, Anjhula!! Will get it soon. You seem to read voraciously... do keep us updated!!
24-SEPTEMBER-2011 vandana mathur
Thanks for the Link Anjhula.. makes it easier to check it out and purchase which I just did!
24-SEPTEMBER-2011 madhurima
It's a beautiful book! We should all share our experiences at sme level
23-SEPTEMBER-2011 Neeta Raisinghania
Very inspiring. I'll buy the book while out shopping. It sounds good. I always wondered if it wouldn't just be 'me-this' me-that' like so many authors today. I'm glad to see I was wrong!
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