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I so love animals. I simply feel tremendous tenderness towards them. They are wonderful creatures but are not always treated as they deserve, and too often with a total lack of respect, consideration and cruelty. It breaks my heart when remembering some occasions and not only feeling sad but truly furious about the unfairness of the situations I have known or heard.

I think that animals are like defenceless children no matter how fierce they can be. If you chain them, beat them or simply don’t give them food or water, they will die, no matter how strong and wild that animal is. The poor creatures can’t speak, cry or call for help. They do feel and suffer. There are so many proofs of it… I cooperate with dog rescue centres and they have too many stories that can back this statement! We should, we must be their voices… they need our help. 
I live in Spain, Andalucía, a wonderful country but unfortunately not known for their love to animals. Luckily and gradually things are changing, for the better, with people becoming more aware of the necessity to be kind and respectful towards them. Sadly it hasn’t been like this and still there is a long way to go. But now, there are more societies created for animal protection, my husband and I, sponsor a donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary in Antequera, near Malaga. It is such a marvellous experience to visit that place. It is worth every minute of it. Also, our dog of 12 years old now was a stray, found abandoned near our house, like so many poor dogs around Christmas time… so sad.
That is one of the main reasons why I probably enjoy painting animals so much. I have painted pets, horses and also zebras, lions, beautiful Bengal tigers, etc. I feel that they can be portrayed as works of art in themselves and decorate our walls in a different and magnificent way. And those paintings fit equally well in a classical or modern environment.  A big painting of an animal can fill up the room and create a unique atmosphere all by itself.
I have often heard with great satisfaction particularly from lady clients how happy they are when buying from me the painting of an animal and giving it as a present to their husband . Otherwise, they tell me, he would have just ended up with the usual seascape, landscape, boat or map picture… but a painting of an animal? Well, that is simply wonderful, something special … nobody remains indifferent to it. I like to think that my particular love of animals helps to add power to the impact of those unique subjects.
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05-FEBRUARY-2011 Sanjay Mishra
I first got attracted to animal art when I saw Paulus Potter, The Young Bull (1647); 3.4 metres wide. An unusually monumental animal painting that challenges the hierarchy of genres.
26-JANUARY-2011 Claire Swait
Thanks for your kind comments Shilpi, Finola and Karin! I will pass them on to Tete (aka Maria Teresa Miriel) who will be very grateful of your support. I will also come back with some general figures on prices for the Wild Animal Portraits in various sizes. These include many other species and her Zebras are very popular as well as the Wild Cats displayed here. Meantime, if you write to me directly at csoffice@virginmedia.com I can send you images of some other animals, or perhaps you have a special one in mind? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Very best regards, Claire Swait (www.fineartpartnership.com - representative for the works of Maria Teresa Miriel world wide)
26-JANUARY-2011 shilpi madan
Wow!!!!!! The animals look alive! What would be the app. price range?
25-JANUARY-2011 Finola Sloyan
Maria Teresa, what beautiful paintings - I like in particular the cat lounging on the tree, as if enjoying being the centre of attention! You have a true gift.
24-JANUARY-2011 Karin T
This is a lovely article full of comments regarding sentiments I share, being an animal lover myself. Unfortunately I am not an artist but I admire the art of Maria Teresa Miriel, and hope she can continue with her animal supportive activities as well as to continue with creating these wonderful paintings, so much full of life.
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