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Drum rolls please! Amazon India Fashion Week is gearing up to present its autumn winter '17 collections — and I'm blogging LIVE from Fittings.


An eclectic mix of avant garde, quirky designs and staples of the masters, three days of fittings begun at The Eros this morning! Mostly everyone sees the final product on the catwalk but do they realise how much hard work goes on behind the scenes?! During fittings… models are poked, prodded and pinned for 12-13 hours a day as the most stylish garments are sculpted around their silhouette as the designers, stylists and show producer complete the final look in each collection. And yeah it's awesome to see the AIFW team duly dissipates the notion that models do not eat — there is breakfast—lunch—dinner laid out and of course tea and snacks between fittings!!


I reached the venue at 3 pm — bang on time for Anupama Dayal's fittings. Between the long hours is much camaraderie and bonding, full of positivity, with memories to carry forward. It's amazing to see the antithesis of nails out… in fact, it's the opposite. And it's always interesting to speak with each designer individually, all with rich experiences converging on the distinguished platform — Amazon India Fashion Week. I had been particularly looking forward to Anupama Dayal's 'Sacred Forest'. Why? I recently visited her resort 'Anupama Mangar' which pampers guests with stylish accommodation and hospitable management. Its location amid dense foliage of the sacred forest in Mangar, where no tree has been felled for centuries, makes it ideal for guests who wish to embrace Slow Living with long walks, flute of wine and book on a hammock and sumptuous freshly plucked vegetables. And it's this sacred forest with its dense canopy of trees, butterflies, flora and fauna that inspired the motifs, palette and silhouettes in Anupama's collection—within her signature style and motto: "to go global, we must become more and more local.'' So while her look is globally relevant, did you know that the tassles embellishing each garment, in all her collections, have been handcrafted by women in Munirka village to empower them with sustainable livelihood?


Yes, there’s a lot one can learn during conversations at fashion week. Pssst during fittings, and serious discussions between stylist, show producer and designer, I couldn't help overhearing conversations, one that made me smile. One of the models confided in a friend, "even if we should get extra hours, it doesn't matter when you're in the presence of such creative energy". Now that's collaborative teamwork. Here, I share fun, fashionable photographs taken by my phone during Anupama Dayal's fittings — before the models hit the runway at AIFW.

Amazon India Fashion Week
Snapshots of Anupama Dayal's Fittings at Amazon India Fashion Week
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