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I write these current thoughts aboard a flight from Mumbai to New Delhi. With the advent of Photoshop and facebook where people are constantly putting the best version of themselves forward, reality gets a little, okay, a lot skewed. It is very easy to draw comparisons to the friends on your Facebook feed or the people who are blogging and feel that your life is really nothing compared to theirs. This is a dangerous way of thinking as everyone is doing the same thing, putting their best foot forward and completely leaving the ‘not so good bits’ in the dark. Here I thought I would write about disappointments and not-so-fun news and keep it real. It is essential to balance to round off a complete picture accurately.

I finished walking for New York Fashion Week being the only Indian to do so this season following that Couture Week in NY and than it was off to India for two weddings and Lakme Fashion Week. I remember speaking to a friend and he asking if I were going to be in New Delhi for fashion week and I responded with “I am waiting for the FDCI board to take a decision.” This was something unbeknownst to him with his finance world mind frame, “the fashion world has boards; you mean it’s just not enough that you’re pretty or slim and thereby walk fashion weeks?” I was quite amused and went into the business of fashion, explaining the financial/business/public relations aspect of the industry, quoting figures from the Financial times and even citing how much Gisele Bundhchan makes per step (yes it’s been calculated)… all of this in a language he understood. 

As it turns out, I won’t be walking for THE FDCI this season, and it’s important to come to the understanding that I won’t always be someone’s muse or favorite and because of my life as a global citizen traveling the world, I have not firmly established a relationship within certain ironclad footholds in India, a country which is sheerly relationship-based. From what I have understood and been told, I must have it ‘in’ with certain choreographers and designers and though essentially everything does boil down to human relations, I am wondering when people will view work and accomplishments for what they are. I am proud of holding the Indian banner high shooting for Vogue and walking fashion weeks overseas; never mind if I don’t know someone well, I would still hire them based on a level of achievement. It is the perennial question of does one want to be a big fish in a small pond (India) or a big fish in a big pond (the world map)? I think the answer is to think globally, act locally.

It’s too easy to get into a negative self ticker tape, so I promptly asked myself how I can be of use this season, what to do next season and what my next steps are. All this whilst reviewing my runway photographs of this season double-checking that I have what it takes. Self reflection is key and I believe strongly everything happens for a reason, where I am now is exactly where I am meant to be and it’s up to me to create immense value from anything. I might sit out Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week this time only to view it from another fresh angle, that of Front Row Blogger and thus open up another world out there.

Readers… your thoughts?

Anjhula Mya Singh Bais

Spring Summer 2011
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15-DECEMBER-2011 Ananda
03-DECEMBER-2011 illurilla
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23-OCTOBER-2011 David
Hi there!, my name is David. I am new on the forum and just wanted to say hello :)
30-MARCH-2011 Poojan Rai
so what is your decision Anjhula?
24-MARCH-2011 anonymous
hell we dont want bad blood with the organizers so "anonymous" it is but anjhula no way should you even consider this... there are three of us reading this post... no way! Are there any good writers or bloggers alongside you? If not, you dont want to be tarred in that feather. YOU ARE A MODEL. You're one of us. Blog on your own time. Not compromising on your profession!!!
24-MARCH-2011 Lalita Soni
Dont do something your conscience is questioning
23-MARCH-2011 Sharmila Nath
Introspection is the answer to your dilemma, Ms Bais. The event would benefit a lot from your blogging particularly since you supported Lakme Fashion Week last week for whom you were walking. Ask yourself: What would Team Lakme think? There would be questions raised... are you prepared with the response? If there is something in it for you, something promised to you for the upcoming season.. grab it. Else why are you doing it? It seems like a tussle between the two fashion weeks for one prize!! You are a BRAND.
23-MARCH-2011 mahesh mahtani
You wanted our opinion and hence being blunt: go there, blog, read your book, leave. Please dont give in to their requests to do anything beyond the commitment and dont build relations unless you genuinely want to... not for work. You are among the best, globally!! Do not let anyone make you feel lower than that.
23-MARCH-2011 Tushar Saini
I read between the lines quite well though I embarked on my law career six months back. Sugar coated as it were, you have not been accepted as a pool model and have been brazenly told it is only because you did not pander to egos ["relationships"]. Whoever - or if there is a group of people - is doing this is asking you to do that in the guise of a blogger. You seem confused and as someone who has been reading your blogs and observing the way you relish this lifestyle so much, I wanted to lay the facts - without the sugar - in front of you. Ultimately, you have to live with these people professionally so the decision should be yours after contemplating both sides of the coin.
23-MARCH-2011 anonymous
You have walked for me, Anhjula. I hold you in high esteem as you were on time and disciplined. I would not like to see you playing journalist and reviewing shows. Go on a holiday or grab another shoot/ showing. You rock, girl. Don't let anyone pull you down.
23-MARCH-2011 Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
Wow, wow, wow. 18 lengthy responses and still counting. All I can say is I am touched to have such an amazing readership. If you so wish, please send me your emails via www.Anjhula.com. Feel free to continue the brilliant dialogue with all of us on the facebook page under Anjhula Mya Singh Bais.
23-MARCH-2011 harshita
Do it if you get a good deal, dont compromise with your soul
Anjhula, my dear, why would you consider blogging and here I presume you meant in an official capacity, if the FDCI has rejected you as a pool model? You will come down a notch when you are questioned by your friends, your fellow models, your designers on what you are doing only blogging and not on the catwalk....? Your blogging was relished by me and my friends because it was YOUR EXPERIENCES, YOUR ANECDOTES... you led us into an exclusive world, opened a window for us. Would mere runway reviews have the same impact? Do consider it if you are in contemplation mode.
23-MARCH-2011 nona chandra
I am working with a PR firm in Bangalore and have good relations with quite a few people in the industry. This industry works on being in touch and on good terms always with powerful people be it designers, model coordinators or the fashion week management. E-mails, socializing, meetings... that's what it thrives on. Merit? Maybe.
23-MARCH-2011 Anjana Sharma
Their loss!! Having been in this industry over 20 years all I can say is -be true and honest to yourself and your principals...it always pays off in the end. I always prefer to be known for my integrity and not my 'friends'. You go girl...the world is your oyster.
23-MARCH-2011 Rohan Sopra
So these people got what they want. They want you to "build relations" with them in order to consider you for next season?? Sorry I am being blunt but I can feel the hurt reverberating from your words and I feel for you.
23-MARCH-2011 darshan
India, in any industry, does not recognize talent, only relationships. You are doing so well in NY. Why are you bowing down to a mere blogger in an event where 18-year-old would be tweeting and blogging?
22-MARCH-2011 mahesh mahtani
wish you all the best in anything you do, Anjhula
22-MARCH-2011 poonam jhethmalani
It was SO wonderful to see EVERYONE I knew from way back at Lakme Fashion Week ... after three years. I had left modelling years ago and shifted base to the UK where I'm studying gemology. It seems like forever ago that we were all together. The competition is over, are no longer rivals over being pool model. We all could not stop hugging each other! I loved every bit of it, hung out with them backstage and watched their shows from the third row... with a little twinge of regret that I wasn't on the ramp with them.... I dont know why I am narrating my experience... I honestly dont want you to experience that twinge while blogging on your friends who would be on the catwalk. Ask yourself how important it is for you and then take a decision. I wish you the best.
22-MARCH-2011 anonymous
I know you from the industry and marveled at your multi-tasking in Mumbai last week. Everyone had positive things to say about you in an industry known for gossip and rumors. Now, would be sad to see you blogging for an event that has not made you a part of it... don't do it Anjhula. You are a SUPERmodel and you are an intelligent woman who blogs about her own world.. from backstage to runway; why would you be blogging like a common socialite about runway shows you are not a part of? Think about it.
22-MARCH-2011 komal Sarin
If selection were on merit, whosoever advised you to "build relations" would not have done so. He or she is advising you to give importance to powers-that-be to get selected and an honest person like you would not be seen sucking up to people for work. We believe in your credibility and if you did not have talent would u be walking in NY Fashion Week AND Couture Week? IMG appreciates your talent and booked you as pool model did they not? You surely didn't come down to build relations with, did you? So why this introspection now?
22-MARCH-2011 Jaya Rathore
It is indeed a healthy and very positive attitude that you are sporting Anjhula... in a seemingly unhealthy environment that does not appreciate talent.
22-MARCH-2011 Jasmeen Dugal
Very proud of you:)
22-MARCH-2011 viresh verma
That's quite unfortunate Anjhula but then I know you have been there and know the inside-outside of the industry. Having said that I'll like to say that there have been good and bad instances always in the industry but then there are genuine people too who have been trying hard for the survival of the industry. Here i agree with Paromita... does any fashion event now matter to you...I am sure it doesn't. So keep basking in the glory of the success you have acheivd, and being friends for last so many years, I am proud of you my dear...... :)
22-MARCH-2011 mekhla
It's their loss, not yours. Why would you need reassurance by flipping through your album when it all blogs down to "favorites"?
22-MARCH-2011 Teena
I feel strongly for you, though we do not know each and this blog is the umbilical cord. You come across as a genuine, non-political person; you read a book backstage instead of pandering to egos and you make an effort to blog on fashion weeks through a taxing schedule which comes across so well in your photographs. I can read beat between the lines gauge hurt and wondering in this blog... it is not a test of your ability, Anjhula. It is just an event where some organizers insist on "relationships" instead of "merit". Don't blog on an event that has not supported you, is my conviction. But of course you would know what is best for you.
22-MARCH-2011 paromita chowdhury
Yes I am from the media and we have seen a certain clique of models and few designers "establishing relationships" because that it is the only way they will get work. But you don't feel bad, miss. You have walked for NY Fashion Week and Couture Week. India has given you its stamp of approval and welcomed you with the Lakme Fashion Week. How does one fashion week matter? You are above the rat race!!
22-MARCH-2011 piyali nath
I am from Delhi and have loved reading your blogs, live from Lakme Fashion Week. I do not know why the board would not choose you as pool model when average good models are there and you are head and shoulders above them. Would like to caution you: please find out who the other front row bloggers are before making a commitment; it must be someone of your calibre.
22-MARCH-2011 Abhishek Anand
Anjhula, your previous blogs indicate you keep things in perspective and call a spade a spade. From my three years' experience in the Indian fashion industry [Delhi, that is] assisting designers, it is a political game... casting couch, favorites, camps all count. You are way above all of this and have got International recognition. Vogue and NY powers-that-be support you. Sitting down one fashion week in India will not harm you at all.. it's their loss. Take a break and travel. We love your blog because it is YOUR EXPERIENCES through backstage and fittings and little anecdotes and meetings with designers... we will always be with you and yes, I got up every morning to check if there was a fashion week blog post throughout Lakme Fashion Week!
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