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Rohit Kamra menswear has a regal sensibility. His collections focus on classics, among them the sherwani, bandhgala, trench and breeches, reinterpreted with precision cuts. Here, he shares his views on Rajasthan Heritage Week and the future of wool khadi!


"I would like to share the amazing story of Khadi, which began with our Independence. The fabric is very versatile! I mostly work with Wool Khadi which is only made in Rajasthan. It can replace English flannel and give tweeds a run for its money. In fact, it should be labelled and sold as a top of the line luxury product because all ingredients and attributes are in place. I am sure all the designers will love it!


My tryst with Khadi started way back… about twelve years ago when I showcased my first Rajasthan Khadi collection at Lakme Fashion Week. My show at Amazon India Fashion Week AW16 was crafted with Wool Khadi. Speaking of Rajasthan Heritage Week, I have been a part of the inception. The Khadi Board started with a pilot show in April 2015. My collection was titled "The Mahatma’s Dream." I was very excited to showcase alongside weavers and since, I have been working with them, and truly feel that they are artists who weave a story without any theoretical knowledge. They totally deserve this exposure! In fact, the way this event is scaling up, International exposure and sales is around the corner. Imagine a product being "made in Rajasthan" selling at Harrods or Saks! The manner in which our Honourable Chief Minister is promoting it, Rajasthan Heritage Week will raise awareness, transcending into business and providing livelihood to weavers.


Speaking of my collection for rajasthan Heritage Wee, I tend to get inspired by my surroundings and Rajasthan has so much to offer. My visit to Ranthambore made me fall in love with the Tiger. That is the base of my collection this year and I want raise the awareness to save tigers with this showcase. The silhouettes and palette have a jungle safari feel to justify the theme. So as the date gets closer, my gut feel is that Rajasthan Heritage Week Season 3 will take Rajasthan khadi to the next level. Prasad Bidapa and his team are taking the flag of Khadi high, along with great execution and fabulous marketing. I feel that this tireless effort of promoting the craft should lead to uplifting the indigenous industry."

Rohit Kamra
Rohit Kamra for Rajasthan Heritage Week
Rohit Kamra for Rajasthan Heritage Week
Rohit Kamra for Rajasthan Heritage Week
Rohit Kamra for Rajasthan Heritage Week
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