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If you’re ready to invest time and effort for firm, youthful skin, a non-surgical facelift might be just what you need! The results are immediate, last long and there is no downtime! Intrigued? Illuminar Skincare Consultants Founders Medha G. Seth and Nirvan Shroff take us through the nuts and bolts


What are the issues we experience as the face ages?


As we are grow older, age creeps up on us suddenly and the first sign to show this is skin. As we age, all the processes in our skin slow down, such as cell regeneration and blood circulation which leads to imperfections. Along with this there is bone and muscle loss, which leads to problems such as double chin, laughter lines, puffy eyes and a dull complexion.


How does one reverse these signs of aging without invasive face-lift?


The non-invasive route to try and reverse signs of aging is through facial exercises, which tighten facial muscles, and the end- result is firm, taut skin. We at Illuminar Skincare Consultants have developed a skincare routine 'FaceFix' which is a personalised session where we show you how to exercise facial muscles correctly, help reverse or slow down the aging process, firm a loose jawline, reduce laughter lines and bring symmetry back to your face through a natural process. In addition to this, you must follow a good skincare routine and invest in facials that focus on sculpting and hydrating the skin through specialised products, massage techniques and non-invasive machinery i.e. micro-current and high frequency.


What is a non-surgical face-lift?


By definition, a non-surgical face-lift is a youthful look that is achieved with methods that do not involve the skin being cut or punctured. So, basically you are not undergoing surgical procedures; you are using Internationally certified natural processes to get your facial muscles to do the same for you — give your face a lift, naturally.


What non-invasive procedures that you would recommend?


What we have found to be most effective is facial exercises. They have multiple benefits and aren't just meant for firming skin. Along with this, there are a few small, portable devices like the micro-current and the radio frequency that you can use at home to boost results. There are facial massage techniques that have been designed for this purpose and we pride ourselves in having set up regimes keeping in mind Indian skin and its requirements. These have more long-term results. For a quick-fix you could try using a lip plumper for thinning lips and wrinkle filler creams and serums to fill up wrinkles and make them less noticeable.


How long do the results typically last?


With anything that is natural and non-invasive, you have to make it a part of your lifestyle. It should be a habit rather than a treatment. If you follow these methods regularly, the results will always be there to see and feel. Just as in any fitness regime, as long you do it with focus and consistency, you will get amazing long-lasting results.


Are there non-surgical facelift techniques we should avoid?


We have never come across avoidable non-surgical techniques. However, it is of utmost importance to avoid shortcuts. When you decide on a non-invasive method, seek expert advice and follow instructions and schedules religiously.


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