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In the age of blowout bars, dry shampoo and temporary electric colours, it's not a question of if your hair is damaged but of how bad the situation is. Before you start feeling bleak, consider that even damaged hair [like mine!!] can be revived with a regular haircare routine, the operative world being 'regular'. Sounds difficult to believe? Well, my consultation, colour and styling by Streax Professionals this afternoon helped me perceive and appreciate how hair care and colour can bring out that inner and outer glow.


Let's rewind a bit. Since I've been working out religiously and investing in almost- meditative skincare, I figured it was time to complete this trilogy with haircare. So I accepted Streax Professionals' generous offer of consultation, colour and style, and met their colourist Asif Hanif at Javed Habib Premiere Salon. He examined my short dry hair and pointed out how it stripped all the warmth from my complexion, and got to work adding deep red and buttery blonde low lights from the roots through to the ends of my hair to break up the solid block of black strands. After an hour, he rinsed the colour and explained the importance of post-color deep conditioner for optimal hydration and shine, and massaged Streax Professional Vitariche Care into hair. I was floored by its summer fragrance… minutes later, he rinsed, towel dried and applied Streax Argan Secrets — a fragrant nourishing hair potion — before he blow dried and styled my hair.


The results were phenomenal!! To the untrained eye, it was the same colour but the deep conditioning and the melange of subtle warm hues has made it lustrous and smooth-as-silk and the low lights has restored a healthy glow to my complexion. I feel like an entirely new me, which has resulted in holding my head a little higher and smiling at everyone I meet. You should try it too…


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