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Though it's not my first time in Priyank Sukhija's restaurants, pubs and clubs across the Capital, it was the first time I visited a café—restaurant—nightclub hybrid. Yes, I'm talking about the new hotspot in town 'Hybrid'. It may appear grandiose to use what would normally refer to a theatrical expression, however, I believe the team has made an effort to "stage" distinct culinary productions to reflect each separate theme. ''During the day, the ambience and menu is one of a cafe with comfort food and inexpensive alcohol. From 8–10 p.m., the staff uniform changes, table-cloths are laid and it transforms into an Italian restaurant. Post 10 p.m., the dejay takes over and the nightclub rocks! The mood, menu and lighting change as the day progresses'' explains Priyank.


Walking in at 1 pm when it was cafe mode, I was stunned! The  8,000 sq ft industrial-theme space with textured wood, art, artefacts, chains, bricks and a mix of plush seating and benches create a quirky grunge-chic ambience. Taking a table by a large window overlooking the peaceful Tolstoy Lane — a stone's throw from Janpath — I ordered beer accompanied by 'The Bruschetta Board' and ‘Herbed Chicken And Cheddar Cheese Crepes' while awaiting a friend. The trio of basil and tomato, garlic and truffle mushrooms, and grilled vegetables bruschetta was fresh and flavourful. I loved the basil clinging to plump tomatoes — fresh and juicy! The star of the show, however, was crepes stuffed with herb-marinated chicken and smothered with melted cheddar, which combined so many gastronome pleasures in a bite!


It was the perfect Saturday noon chilling with a friend I had not met for the longest time and enjoying the quirky cafe ambience with its low lounge music that allowed conversation and camaraderie. Refilling the mug of beer, we perused the menu for entrees and decided to go for something light — chicken in chilli oyster sauce with a side of steamed rice — though we did have a variety of Indian and global favourites to choose from. The tender sliced chicken in spicy sauce was perfect comfort food, light yet filling. Skipping dessert, we left just as the team was preparing the deejay console for what promises to be a packed, rocking eve! My last thoughts? Experience Hybrid whether it's lunch with colleagues, formal dinner or cocktails with friends post 10:30 p.m. There is an air of luxury about Hybrid… but it's affordable luxury. Attention To Detail is key—right from raw industrial decor to quality food; efficient service and value for money. It comes together to create a memorable experience for guests. That said, I'm pretty confident Priyank will continue his reign for launching one hotspot after the other for the Capital's partygoers and diners across age and income bracket, so I'm eagerly awaiting the next one… it's on the horizon! 


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