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For Pratham and Gyanesh, upturned slim pants, athleisure suits and man bags put a spin on the sportswear theme that is dominating menswear this year. Their line at India Beach Fashion Week had the qualities that make the label a quiet force in men's fashion. The duo can cut an appealing suit, they know how to twist something as basic as a linen shirt so it looks fresh and there's a brazen sensuality about the all-black looks that give their wearer credit for bad boy self-confidence.


All those qualities were present on the hi-energy catwalk, along with artful colour-blocking, modish palette and minimalist construction which brought more luxury, more elegance to the duo's body of work. The pieces were as straightforward as anything the duo has ever made. I loved the upturned narrow pants in colours as bright as mustard and red, lightweight woollen single and double breast jackets, linen shirts and sports bags!


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