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''For India Beach Fashion Week, I was inspired by movement. For me, dancing is meditation. Music helps the body move naturally. It's real; there's no pretence. It's pure, positive, joyous energy. This resort line is meant for the woman who loves herself, who is confident in her skin… irrespective of age, size or colour'' the designer told me; I was hooked from the time we spoke and couldn't wait to see how her sensuous theme would translate on the catwalk.


She didn't disappoint. In recognition of the broad resort theme, Goa-based Phillu Martins showed softly constructed, draped evening gowns with fringes, tassels and ruffles in shimmering bronze and onion pink. However, it was the line of black evening gowns and sarong style wraps that caught— and held— our attention! My favourite was a striped crop top, mini and wrap, though. Walking out of the showcase, I couldn't help thinking that creation is an act of resistance. The designer resisted the sameness of fashion and stayed true to flamboyant aesthetic.


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