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Kshitij Choudhary launched his label and flagship in 2014. His design aesthetic and retail experience is ahead of its time, encouraging people towards avant garde. So, there was much anticipation for his showcase at India Beach Fashion Week. As the first looks came out, one thing was clear that each look was an ode to the country's army—a salute to those who protect our country. Yet, the look and feel was modern and globally relevant—rooted in a vision of modern values: practicality, precision, quality and exacting standards of execution.


As the showing progressed, it brought back a conversation with him backstage where he had told me, ''My collection is inspired by the army! It could be the defence army or the army who works at the office from 9 to 5. The mood is urban and upbeat yet it has the organic essence of India.'' He could not have described it better! The fast paced showing—with trippy music and strong silhouettes crafted with khadi and crepe, and embellished with jute cords—elicited murmurs of approval! Hot-sellers? The sculpted outerwear with bermudas and fluid pants would be perfect for brunch at the beach! And the draped one-shoulder dress, embellished with jute cords, would be a hit during balmy evenings.


My take? On a deeper level perhaps the theme represented the pressing need to 'soldier on' in the wake of the climate; after all, when times are tough, we all crave a little strength and security. And no matter what you've got on your plate, face it head-on—preferably with a great ensemble on deck!!


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