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Dior Cruise 2015 is a dynamic collection from Artistic Director Raf Simons that distills the practical realism of American style into the European sensibility of Dior. Simons transformed the silk scarf into 'the flag' of the collection i.e. the scarves' Pop iconography was playfully explored and its lady-like subtext exploded. The scarf's geometry too was borrowed for the construction of garments and its hand-painted patterning for the decoration.

There were 66 looks. A 'handmade' sensibility comes into play with the marriage of American 'homespun' crafts and the French atelier's take on macramé.. the use of suede for outerwear and skirts and the hand-woven skills employed for carpet making applied here to the construction of the garments. Yet the feminine silhouette was evident in the high-waist trousers and the knee-length skirts worn with printed camisoles.

"I wanted an element of playfulness and freedom in powerful looks" he said. "I admire this freedom in the way American women dress." You'd never coin the prints in tonight's show as delicate! We loved the way prints were juxtaposed against each other in a cocktail dress that combined sequins with embroidered flowers and stripes!! Simons' couture sneaker evolved into a sandal with scarves for straps which gave the long silk skirts a fresh young attitude.


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