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"In today's world, there is such an influx of languages. A simple dinner party can have people from all over the globe conversing in a single urban tone. This concept inspired us to research different languages and explore how we can work these characters into our collection as design motifs," Aparna and Norden Wangdi told us before the showing. 

The duo opened their spring resort showing with a layered will-power silk mini dress and moved on to draped togas and tunics with smocking, pleating and motifs on the hem, blousons and bias-cut maxis. There was a marked influence of the peasant dress as layers of asymmetric skirts fell in soft textures. Dresses were draped or flared, while wraps were fluid. As the showing progressed, the duo sent out ecru and brown textured fabrics constructed into sheaths, crossover midis, crimped asymmetric tunics and white ruched creations. Japanese, Chinese, English and Sanskrit motifs made their appearance in the form of embroideries, digital prints, appliqué and patchwork.

"Our collection is a theatrical manifestation of the ever-contracting contemporary world. God once decided that before man became powerful and takes over the heavens, he would divide them through languages; now all men with their different languages are making the world smaller," they grinned. We liked the way color blocking and texturing played to seasonal trends while Zen off-white looks with texturing, screen and digital printing and sequined embroidery were minimalist chic as details were visible only on scrutiny."A thinking man's collection" was the thought we left the MSA with.

— Jasmeen Dugal
Photographs — Press Kit

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