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One of the pioneering designers in the Eighties, Rina Dhaka transformed the Capital into an epicentre of avant-garde fashion. While a brooding, intellectual quality evolved as the hallmark of designers, Dhaka balanced it with a "style vs. sexiness" aesthetic. Her clientele includes Naomi Campbell and Uma Thurman, to name a few, so it's no wonder there was anticipation for her SS18 showcase at Amazon India Fashion Week.


''In my earlier days, striking a balance between creativity and wearability was a constant challenge. Creativity was all that mattered — wearability didn't matter as much. Over the years, with experience of running a business and the effect of commerce on the industry, a designer can no longer discount the importance of wearability in each ensemble'' she told me before the showcase. And, as the first looks came out on to the catwalk, "light and breezy" was the first thought that came to mind. The question is, what kind of light? There was the handloom lightness of the Ikat maxi dress, the navy shibori sun-dress and the white and black sheath with tribal embroideries. There was also the light play of ruffles, lace insets, shibori tie-dye and tribal cubical motifs. But maybe the most important reading of "light" had to do with tone: there was a lightness of spirit in bohemian looks. It looked fun to wear!


Come summer, style-conscious girls — who are confident of mixing textures, embroideries and ruffles — will be swapping their skinny jeans for sun dresses, ruffled sheaths, maxis and embroidered blouses if Dhaka has her way. my personal favourite? The black tee wiith a sexy, panelled sheer white skirt! O yeah!! Like she says, "Life is already so difficult. There is no need for Fashion to be too difficult as well."


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