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Having heard great reviews of Zai I'd been meaning to stop by and see if the split-level alfresco restaurant café was living up to its promise. Truthfully I can say it does — I went there for luncheon this afternoon and during the entire time I did not feel as though I was in the heart of one of the busiest colonies of New Delhi — Greater Kailash II. It’s almost in a oasis of quiet with large windows overlooking greenery, the interiors are mostly wooden and diners have the choice of having their drinks or meal served in the verandah if the weather permits.


Taking a table by the window, I felt refreshed with a tall mug of chilled beer and trippy music, as I perused the menu for an assortment of starters. The server mentioned that 'Dahi Ke Kebab' was a specialty so I ordered a portion along with 'Crispy Mushroom Marinated In Rice Wine' and 'Diced Chicken With Green Curry Garnish'. The first thought that occurred to me was that this would be a 'fun dining' experience particularly if the latter lived up to the high expectation it had raised. After all the team had made considerable effort to give a twist to traditional dishes! The weather was awesome and it was relaxing observing the foliage soaking up the pitter-patter of rain as I chugged the beer… and then our server brought me the kebabs. Though the texture was delightfully melt-in-the-mouth the stuffing wasn't gooey; rather it was light on the palate as the well spiced kebabs released a bouquet of flavours when dapped with mint sauce. A must—have! Up next was the crispy mushrooms — crisp and flavourful. But the one that really stole my heart — and palate — was the experimental diced chicken with sumptuous green curry garnishing. it was masterful how the chef had used the traditional Thai green curry as garnishing without losing its integrity or flavour! This is one dish that will lure me back to Zai time and again!


Overall, the menu at the pub and gastronomic kitchen spans premium liquor and Oriental, Indian and Continental cuisines, a place that can be enjoyed with family and friends. Bon Appetite!


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Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi, 

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