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The maxim "build it and they will come" certainly applies to Wok Art. An Oriental restaurant by JG Hospitality spearheaded by Sunil Tickoo, it's a fixture on Noida's culinary landscape—and now one of my favourites! Having indulged in masterful cusine created by him on several occasions, I instinctively knew that Wok Art, managed by his firm, would be a lucky throw of the dice for discerning foodies in Noida and beyond. When you've eaten the variety of food that I have had the good fortune to, you learn to discern the chef's skill set, and here Chef Sunil Fotedar is backed by rich experience at award-winning restaurant, House of Ming,Taj Hotels.


So it is no wonder that I was pretty excited about reviewing Wok Art tonight. The restaurant's menu boasts of an eclectic selection of appetizers and entrées, sizeable vegetarian, seafood and meat selection, meeting just about everyone's culinary preference. There are no easy choices when approaching the menu so we placed ourselves in Chef's hands and we soon discovered that his intent was to create simple, flavourful dishes which were artistically compelling, and tailored to individual preference: in this case, light and flavorsome. So dinner began with a selection of dimsums. The 'Spinach And Corn Dimsum' was a delicious wholesome preparation while 'Spicy Basil And Chicken Dumplings' was hot and flavourful; packed with fiery minced chicken accented with basil, it was melt-in-the-mouth sumptuous and finished within seconds! Up next was the juicy 'Chicken Satay' — my all-time favourite.


Once we moved on to heartier dishes we were amply rewarded. Our first entrée was the traditional 'Thai Green Curry' that I consistently order at Oriental restaurants and it never fails to please. Chef's version was simple with a generous portion of sliced chicken and a peppery essence that perked up the curry served with a portion of steamed garlic rice. The second entrée 'Stir Fried Sliced Chicken and Spinach' was fibrous and wholesome — one of those satisfying dishes that makes it hard to contemplate anything else. My personal favorite however, being an avid sea-foodie, was 'Steamed Fish In Lemon Butter Sauce' which had a compelling off-the-hook freshness and paired perfectly with steamed Jasmine rice.


Reminiscing back to the meal, I highly recommend dining at Wok Art. The chefs did a remarkable job in the execution of the menu so that everything was fresh hot and delicious. Their willingness to suggest dishes based on diner preference, the efficient service and the fresh flavorsome cuisine makes it a culinary destination I'd return to often and I highly recommend dining here with friends and family. Bon Appetite!


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Wok Art- Sector 29- Noida

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