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Although it was not my first time dining in one of Priyank Sukhija's restaurants in the Capital's culinary landscape but it was my first time to come in with a mission and a specific purpose at The Town House Café in Connaught Place — to review one of the most popular restaurant-cum-hi energy lounge — which made the afternoon a far more memorable event than I would have thought possible. From the moment I stepped out of the lift on the second floor I became aware that I've entered into a dimension where time as we know it is suspended.. where light and color take on a more subtle hue.. with the focus being the tables with it's guests and the food and alcohol being served.. where sounds start with conversations that turn into approving murmurs of satisfaction as succulent dishes are enjoyed in a luxurious ambience with wooden arches.. black and red themed plush seating astride animal print table-and-chairs and a mammoth bar. For those who've not ventured to The Town House Cafe you should experience it to appreciate why it's in a class of its own whether you're lunching with family.. enjoying cocktails and EDM music (it's thoughtfully subtle or loud depending on where you choose the table).. or partying there on Saturday night.

I knew based on experience at Priyank's other establishments that I was in for yet another memorable experience that would last over two hours! After all you don't rush good things.. you savor them! Once seated in a plush red sofa the server guided me through the ordering ritual and I began luncheon with 'Celery Infused Mozzarella Sticks' and 'Pan Roasted Prawns' while I waited for a friend who was stuck in traffic.. it went nicely with chilled Mojito. The fresh flavorful prawns were marinated in chilli-garlic sauce.. a treat for seafood lovers! The crumb-fried mozzarella was sinfully delicious served with celery-infused salsa that I kept dipping the sticks in. Yum! At that point my fried joined me and I asked the chef for his recommendation. It was bang on! He brought us a refreshing salad with spliced oranges crowning rocket and iceberg. What a merger of flavors.. the purrfect antidote for rainy days! Up next was a basket of vegetarian dim sums since my friend is vegan and 'Cloves Smoked Chicken Galuoti' for me. The tender melt-in-the-mouth kebabs were well-seasoned and seared to perfection. 

For entrées we had a choice of Indian Oriental or Continental. Since I wanted something light the chef suggested his signature 'Sliced Chicken in Signature Rice Wine Sauce' with a portion of steamed rice.. it was fresh and flavorful. Time flew by as conversation flowed and it was difficult to stay put when the music was just so good.. and soon it was time to end the meal with brownies and hot chocolate sauce. The Town House Café — an expectation met and surpassed and true to regulars' claim that you'll "experience fine dining in an ambience where time and place as we know it is suspended". Bon Appetite! (3.8.2014)


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Munshilal Building. N Block. Outer Circle Connaught Place. New Delhi

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