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If you're a sushi aficionado, you'll truly appreciate the high quality sushi dining experience awaiting you at Town Hall. The freshness and quality of sushi served here is "top-shelf" and I highly recommend you make reservations. In what lasted two hours, I had the good fortune to join a friend and "sushi foodie" in one of the most pleasurable meals I can recall!


We were keen to focus on the Japanese section of the vast, eclectic menu and acclaimed Chef Augusto Cabrera started us off with his signature 'Tanuki Salmon' (Scottish salmon with jalapeño and tempura flakes) and 'Kaibashira' (fresh water eel and scallops with mayonnaise and unagi sauce). The stunning impact of the first bite launched murmurs of appreciation punctuated by an enthusiastic "Oishi" (“delicious") which was the best Japanese we could muster! I particularly loved the the thin sliced succulent ultra-premium fiery salmon that seemed to dissolve on the tongue. We were then treated to platters of exceptional 'Shojin' (spinach, cucumber and asparagus that was chopped and blended with chilli black bean) and 'TownHall' made with deep-fried avocado and asparagus with spicy sauce and rice cracker. Truly a work of art with sumptuous cuts of fresh seafood that overwhelm their rice foundations — and we have no complaints about that!


For dessert we shared blueberry cheesecake that ended the evening of "unhurried" pleasure on a sweet note. Before ending this review I want to applaud the culinary performance of Chef Augusto Cabrera and his kitchen team who made the magic happen at Town Hall. We will be back soon. Bon Appetite!


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Town Hall, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi

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