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Having heard so much about alfresco world cuisine restaurant, The Haitus, I felt it was time to try out the specials that everyone had been complimenting. Walking in, I was impressed by the casual chic ambiance with outdoor seating shaded by umbrellas and a private dining room offering privacy. As the server brought us water, I was impressed by the selection of appetisers and entrees in their menu sectioned into Continental—Oriental—Indian.


So why wouldn't I return soon? I’ll get to that. The luncheon started with diced watermelon salad served on a platter accompanied by dipping bowls of honey, mustard and feta. Refreshing is an understatement! This was followed by an assortment of appetisers. "Vegetable Cigars" sprayed by a syringe of spiced tomato sauce was crisp and flavourful while "Chicken Espatada" marinated with garlic, paprika and yogurt and served on skewers was melt-in-the-mouth delicious! Up next was much-awaited seafood: "Red Chilli Prawns" and "Asian Style Grilled Sole". The prawns grilled with ginger, garlic, lemongrass and chilli was good but the sole marinated in ginger and spring onion was off-the-hook fresh and super-delicious!


Perusing the menu for mains, we ordered "Chilean Sea Bass" and "Butter Poached Salmon Steak". Just then, three tables were occupied by tourists — and the entire staff gave it their complete attention—with blinkers on. Our order was forgotten! No, I am not kidding. A half hour later, I requested a server to check with the kitchen and he didn't comply, hearing me out and returning to bend over backwards to please "firangs". After a second request 45 minutes later, the chef sent out the sea bass and undercooked salmon steak. A bite, and I left it immediately, afraid I would have food poisoning. As I got up (all thoughts of dessert had dissipated), the manager smiled and said, "I was busy. Do come back soon." It took will power not to retort, “Sure… when I am with foreign guests."


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The Haitus, Clarion Collection, Qutub Industrial Area, New Delhi

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